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✨End of Summer PvP Tournament✨

Post by мя.Føχ™ on Sun Aug 09, 2015 12:11 pm

✨End of Summer PvP Tournament✨
Hosted by: Mr.Fox and KushTheSkywalker
Requirements: 4 players per team
Create Team Name
1.25mil entry fee per person ( 1 entry per person )
Minimum of 20 Teams
Maximum of 30 Teams
Date: TBA
Time: TBA

1st place 45,000,000
2nd place 15,000,000
3rd place 12,500,000
4th place 7,500,000
5th-8th place 5,000,000
(Reward amounts may change, it's based off participation)

Rules, regulations and limitations
1. No perk stacking
2. No ring stacking
3. No pots
4. No minions
5. No banish metal
6. No wind judge
7. No mercenaries
8. No Druids
9. No pets
10. No more than 1 ranged class per team (militia, ninja)
11. No more than 1 oiyo master per team
12. No more than 1 assassin per team
13. Building mini monos is not allowed
14. No traps, nets, gravity traps or orbs
15. No macro prompt gear scroll switching
16. No warden bonus from spectators ( will require you to enemy everyone in circle before fight)
17. All spectators must enemy the current people fighting
18. Spectators cannot be wolfed
19. Spectators can't wear shields
20. Spectators can't interfere with fight, even if it's a snowball
21. Teams can't be made up of 1 class
22. No wolfed people allowed
23. No bombs
24. No more than 1 hybrid per team ( Assassin, oiyo master, ranger)

Pm мя.Føχ™ for questions and concerns and to reserve your team. A lot of time and effort is being put into this, so please try your luck and form a team and compete in the tournament. :D Happy PvPing and have a great rest of the summer!

More details coming soon...

The Smoke and Fire
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Re: ✨End of Summer PvP Tournament✨

Post by λρσςαζурsε on Wed Aug 12, 2015 9:43 pm

Interesting set of rules that cant be enforced or verified. With all the stipulations noted above i don't see much that you can do.

Watch out for shock teams. I didnt see that as an unusable tactic.

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