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story of zeddicuss

Post by ʑєɗɗ™ on Wed Jan 22, 2014 7:44 am

Ok here is my story

Young zeddicuss was a peasant child from a poor family in the city now known as Lemay. Before the city became the great city it is today. The troodents and trolls repeatedly attacked and raided the cities oil and crystal deposits. Until one day they killed all of his family. Young zeddicuss hid in an abandoned oil well and watched helplessly all the citizens of Lemay were tortured killed and eaten. Young zeddicuss had had enough! He ran from his hiding place and ran straight into a hoard of troodents guarding a cave of precious iron. There was no time to react. He jumped on the first one with such ferocity the others stood and watched in horror as young zeddicuss bashed it's head in. With the fallen troodent down young zeddicuss pulled for the smelly creatures sword. He would never forget that sword. It would be the first weapon he would own among many he would master. Old junky thing. It felt good in his hands. And seeing red he mowed through the other troodents. That sword would be the start of a revolution young zeddicuss wouldn't have been able to comprehend at that moment. As young zeddicuss crossed the rivers and oceans searching out the wicked he would get stronger and faster. He became a blade master.
One day he came upon a giant blue bird with a wing span of a100 ft. And stood 15 feet tall. The surrounding villages and hovels were deathly afraid of the beast. It was slaughtering anything that moved. Livestock, fields, and lakes were the hunting grounds of this huge beast. Young zeddicuss had nothing to lose. He took it upon his self to slay the beast. He hunted it across the countryside. He finally spotted it in the distance. Using mourning trees for cover he got close. He noticed that the beast had something clutched in its razor sharp talons. As he got closer he realized it wasn't an animal but in fact it was a small child. And then the child cried out!!! Young zeddicuss couldn't believe what he was seeing. Young zeddicuss realized that he didn't just sneak up on it. The beast was letting him catch up. Before he knew what was going on a second huge blue bird flew out from behind a giant stand of dusk trees. It was a trap. Those two huge beasts had led him into a death trap and used this small child as bait. Young zeddicuss reached for his longbow strapped across his back notched an arrow and let it fly without a blink. The first beast had already dropped the child and was coming at him at full speed.. and then the cold hit him. It wasn't just cold. The ground froze before his eyes and a blizzarding snow started to race ahead of the beast. Young zeddicuss had no time to react as wall of ice slammed into him. He reached for his sword and wIth blinding speed met the beast just inside the wall of blizzard. Young zeddicuss missed his target and took a deep gash from a massive razor sharp beak to his shoulder but it wasn't an ordinary gash. where the beast him his skin turned black. The pain was excruciating. He then thought he was gonna die right at that moment. He heard a piercing shreek that shook him to his bones. In the same moment the beast that gashed him paused for just a second. But for young zeddicuss if was a lifetime. He stepped in with a mighty yell of his own and quick swing of his sword and lopped the beasts head off. Just then he remembered the second bird and turned to face the inevitable attack. He turned to nothing. Right where he had seen the second beast was a heap of feathers and snow and an arrow jutting out of a massive eye. The bird was dead. That first arrow he shot had found its mark. That's why he heard the shreek that's why the other bird paused. He reached to touch one of the giant feathers but his hand instantly froze. He hurried and grabbed his backpack and stuffed 2 huge feathers in it. He could use that as proof the beast or beasts were dead. He found the child huddling close to one of the trees close by. Still alive. He brought the child to the nearest village. Where he told the tale of his journey to hunt these beasts. But nobody in the village believed his story. Until he showed them his frozen backpack with the huge blue feathers inside. The people rejoiced at what he had done and had a huge feast in his honor for ridding the land of the terrifying birds. Young zeddicuss was a hero. They thought of him as someone sent from the heavens to battle evil. They honored him by taking the feathers and forging a shield. A shield to shield them all from evil. A magic shield that freezes anything that touches it. An ice shield.

To be continued....

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Re: story of zeddicuss

Post by DR.DEATH420 on Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:37 am

Puff puff pass ;)

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Re: story of zeddicuss

Post by {ฬ·ร}๔เгtү๔คภ™ on Tue Aug 12, 2014 5:43 pm

Zedd we all know the real story. Troodents killed you 50 times before you brought it down to 50%. And I killed the zags while you stood at a morning tree with a berry in your mouth. Try to make the stories accurate. ;)

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Re: story of zeddicuss

Post by ·C†S·ʝօɦռռʏɮʟaʐɛ on Fri Oct 03, 2014 5:07 pm

lmfao ^... Good story tho zed could have been a pk movie :P

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Re: story of zeddicuss

Post by KingofEvil on Tue Mar 03, 2015 7:37 pm

Bring back Prince.

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Re: story of zeddicuss

Post by Whoamilry on Tue Nov 17, 2015 12:42 pm

good story. Still... A tad to epic. And feels summed up. Yay to curiosity. :lol:

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