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My Introduction

Post by 555master on Sat Feb 21, 2015 3:47 am

I used to only play on PC before but recently got hooked to playing games on my iphone so I found this game not more than a week ago I think and I didn't even know this was a open PvP/PK game..
I love open pvp and death penalties it makes everything more fun, exciting, interesting and challenging.

So I'm currently on vacation in Thailand that's why I have 3 5's in my name.
It basically just means lol but they say 555 in thailand because in their language they say something like fai fai fai and fai means buffalo.. they think of buffalos as mindless animals kind of like homer simpson who are just fine and happy eating grass all day long.

But I'm Swedish really.. My mentor is from India, great mentor who always answers my messages and makes sure I understand everything :)
His name is Selurus and he is very good at english too.

Oh yeah, Hooooly shi* was I lucky because during my first two days playing I won both days the 7k gold that is randomly given to one out of 50 players so I made 14k gold like that.

I chose to become a warrior, haven't specialized in it yet, currently lvl 2 alchemy.
I think warrior will be good for pvp when I become 40 and lvl 25+ equipment because can have 200 health with specilization bonus and the alchemy potion that you can craft.. then drink the warrior potion and do lots of bonus dmg and healing when you are 100/200 health.. Only a bit worried if the armor will make my warrior too slow but with shield charges and nets I think it should be ok?

My forest is ready and I'm farming it daily for berries and selling them in trade hub :)
Sometimes I hold on to my berries and other stuff because some people put up their wares for super low prices and I don't want to sell it that cheap.

I've also managed to aquire 2 mines already and don't worry.. I checked profile of owner first and he was inactive for half a year :)

I think soon I will start looking for an empire to join as well.
Anyways, Just wanted to say hi :)
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Re: My Introduction

Post by 555master on Sat Feb 21, 2015 10:54 pm

I think these GPS genre games are really cool, Ingress too.

because I think to really play these GPS games to it's potential then you should move your as* outside.
For example just taking a few steps in some direction and you get a new area to explore without paying feathers.

And you can get inside private areas without asking for passage by just taking a walk, if it's a bit further away then hop on the car or MC.

Personally, I own a motorbike and I love driving it around and I can easily drive it for hours without getting bored cause it's really beautiful roads here and the scenery is magical so playing GPS games is a lot fun when riding around allthough I think Ingress is better suited for it (driving around while playing) than PK because I don't really wanna pull over just to chop trees and kill larvas haha but it can have it's uses at times I suppose.

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Re: My Introduction

Post by {T.π.T}☓ɮəℓℓa†rιxa☓ on Sun Feb 22, 2015 4:37 pm

Awww u sweet. Wish more new players was like u and not alts/scamming resarts...
Glad to see someone enjoying pk as much as i did when i first started too :)

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Re: My Introduction

Post by 555master on Mon Feb 23, 2015 3:20 am

Thanks :)

What exactly are these alts/scammers doing?
The closest city to where I stay currently had a very unfriendly major who said he don't want to be my friend because he thought I was an alt haha.

So I looked for another city close by and it has 2 inactive members..
So I have already started my production over there, have an axe golem on the way and I'm taking control of mines around it etc :)
Fun stuff!

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Re: My Introduction

Post by ~tim~ on Wed Feb 25, 2015 10:31 pm

555... That's great! Welcome to pk!
An alt is a second or third or fourth account by same person, against tos so don't do it. A scammer is a dishonest type that's after your gold or gear or both. And a restart is someone who got caught being naughty and started all over to hide their identity.
So, yes its good and refreshing to see a new player with a zeal for the game.

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Re: My Introduction

Post by 3_t on Thu Feb 26, 2015 12:56 am

Welcome 555 & good luck...

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Re: My Introduction

Post by 555master on Sun Mar 08, 2015 6:33 pm

Hey, Been inactive from the game for about a week or possibly two.. had so much stuff going on and this game is really time consuming tbh ;p
Thought it wouldn't hurt to make another update here on my progress as a new player since this thread is still the most recent thread :)

Now all my gear is level 10, I read that's probably the best level to keep your gear at while leveling up cause then you will at most be seeing strong monsters which is easy to deal with.
Or what do you think?

I think someone here invited me to their empire, thanks for the offer but seeing it was just 1 member and he/she was kind of inactive too I'm not really interested.

Now I'm the major of chalong too, major of two other inactive citizens, yeah!! ;-)

Built 2 new city watch towers yesterday and put some berries on the auction.

Also since I'm currently in BKK I relocated to that position in the game but it doesn't appear there is any city for Bangkok which was a bit surprising since it's the capital of Thailand o.0
Just bunches of player owned flags everywhere.

My primary goals in the game currently is to 1) Collect food for leveling up 2) collect wood for upgrading to mansion so that I can get the addon so that I can upgrade my flags to watch towers (not city towers).
What I will not do is build more flags cause it costs a lot of wood and it's a bit difficult for me to defend them right now.

Collecting food isn't too easy though and berries are worth more than 50% less than last time I played (worth less food) but still worth a good amount of gold though
so I think collecting food will have to be done by collecting berries and selling them for gold and then buying the food or by giving up my second goal of getting a mansion and selling the wood instead.

Thanks again everyone for the warm welcome :)

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