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Re: Effective Weapon and Armor section of the Guide

Post by [Hobos]Kawigi on Tue Apr 02, 2013 10:14 am

[ҤB]♔Dя.Dяε™♔ wrote:
[Đβ]»Lythius« wrote:I'm still not sure if I understand correctly.

1. So breastplate still can be better than dragon scalemail against some monsters? (f.e. Magnathere) I thought that scalemail should be just better bp (lower speed penalty) with same defense vs same monsters...

2. Just to make it clear. When f.e shield is listed as the best armor, it doesn't mean that you should use ONLY shield and unequip scalemail/breastplate, am i correct?

** Quote**
You have it backwards, BP (Breast Plate) is slower and you receive less damage. scalemail lets more damage through but allows you to be faster.

That's an over-simplification. The breastplate is better against some things, the scalemail against others, and they are similar or equal against quite a few things.

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Re: Effective Weapon and Armor section of the Guide

Post by [Hobos]WhoFarted on Sat Sep 14, 2013 5:22 pm

K'tilqr(Mrs.MarkB) wrote:
kapinigaz wrote:Honed bp/ice scale. I've heard warrior w/ oiyoi is do-able with a staff and leather armor but i was never brave enough to try it out. Capped bp and 170 base hp is sick as is.

Wrong it's staff, and TUNIC.

What would be the benefit to warrior with oyjoi skill equipping a staff and tunic? Most of my time in the game was spent as warrior. I have since changed class but wonder what I missed out on.

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Re: Effective Weapon and Armor section of the Guide

Post by K'tilqr(Mrs.MarkB) on Sun Sep 15, 2013 12:37 am

As the oiyoi warrior was a very old style of game play I have no idea how effective it would be today. My knowledge of this mismatch came from a veteran talking at the start of Age4, and I know some players who ran as an "IronMonk" and loved it.
The bonuses were - speed but stay out of range as much as possible.If you did take a hit hit well the warrior bonus came in sooner.
With the tunic nerf this may no longer be a good combination. I haven't heard of any oiyoi warriors in months.


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