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Re: The best war class?

Post by Dr.Jeremy on Thu Jan 17, 2013 8:59 pm

[§WÊÊT]Dr.Hannibal.Lecter wrote:
{§kùll}Ruger™ wrote:
[§WÊÊT]Dr.Hannibal.Lecter wrote:knight: FOR THIES REASONS
Heavy armor defense with knight
defense against long range weapons with shields this helps against kingdom towers as well
sword is a good weapon

legion is good but I think knight is better cause they take less damage from kd towers and long range weps
wile legions are good as well I think knight has a better set up defense and offence wise

Umm i think you have your classes flipped around. Knights to get a +3 shield vs range bonus. And legion start at +2 shield but, they can get +2 shield from having 2 legion and another +2 shield from 4 friendly shield users being around. Since we are talking about war these bonuses are pretty easy to get. So legions will have the best defense vs range and towers not knights.

In a 1v1 fight with no one else around knight vs legion with even gear. A knight w/ a Bp should beat legion in a scale, at least most of the time.

But in my opinion druid are the most important class to have on the battle field. They don't do much fighting but any fighter will tell you how much they love a good druid on their side.

yes true but that's with shields so when it comes to close up your shield does nothing against melee weps like swords cause that hits body and that's were knights have the heavy armor bonus to back that up

yes in groups legion is defense strong but I think if a group of knights would win against a group of legion due to you bonus only applies to shields not body armor and knights have both shield and body armor bonus and our swords would attack your body so knights have advantage would they not

Nope, if Knight and legion are geared with optimum gear then it should be pretty even. If knight wear dragon gear they get shredded, if legion don't wear scale they get cut to bits.
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Re: The best war class?

Post by {Lègîóñ}Scaloptato on Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:45 pm

I'm Legion and never wear body Armor. It's not needed. Unless ur Armor is = to or greater then ur shield lv 90% of the time your shield will take all the damage. Especially when you start adding Legion bonus.

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Re: The best war class?

Post by ×Krazy×[C•N]•{T.π.T} on Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:59 pm

Ahh true iight for got about that well i still love knight lol never was a legion guy been thief OM ninja millita knight warrior by far thief was my favorite in war and pvp if uses right


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