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Re: No more mentees

Post by Safira~ on Tue Apr 30, 2013 3:52 am

Some more info on my previous post. As I previously stated I am from, and live in, western Australia. My relocate point is currently in the metro area. However it has once been further north, and once in Bali when I physically travelled there. On pk I am active every day and everyday I travel to almost every continent. I use only English chat and my settings are English. As I said before 170+mentees to date. I'm providing this info only to help identify if a problem exists or to help you guys get more mentees.

And in response to some guy who said thatnew players do better without mentors...I had no mentor. I wish I had. That's why I mentor.

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Re: No more mentees

Post by ~{O'Rion}~KillerCenturion on Mon May 13, 2013 5:06 pm

Replying about the post about no mentors, my mentor became inactive after I had played for 2 or 3 months. From that point on everything started sliding downhill. I was kicked from my kd and was enemied by a bunch of people. I would have quit PK that day if it hadn't been for the person that started this post, Dooteronomy. The only reason why I am still here actively playing is because Doot saved me that day and became my adopted mentor. So from my experience, mentors are very important and can change your whole PK life. Thank you Doot. :D
Responding back to the original question, in my last 5 months I have gotten 3 mentees all who quit before I could even say Hi :cry:

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Re: No more mentees

Post by {ƒαtα£}martinxy01 on Mon May 13, 2013 9:58 pm

ÐЯλӇçłЯ wrote:I think it also has to do with activity. I've noticed when I am on often I get more than when I am on less (which makes sense)

Very true. After a few months of getting mentees, I figured out that you have to be online in the exact moment a player finishes the tutorial. I usually don't close pk over night and mostly have 1-2 new mentees next morning ^.^
Mia, nope it's not broken. Few weeks ago I ssitched from german to English and guess what happened: Before that change, I got german mentees, now I get English ones. Makes sense IMO.


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