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Re: mentor wrlcome measage ideas

Post by {ÎdlÊ}glÎñ on Sat Dec 15, 2012 11:35 am

wow these are all great mentor messages i have been playing for almost two years and have recently started taking mentees i have a couple that message me back but most go inactive and its not until a couple messages that i offer anything more than advice my standard message seems inadaquate compared to some on here i was always worried that to much would just scare them off. i will be adding more info to my messages from now on. thxs for the suggestions they were very helpful

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Re: mentor wrlcome measage ideas

Post by {DPFI}-EsquireT3 on Thu Dec 20, 2012 3:44 pm

I agree with 【℃Ð】δä∫ιℜä That is pretty much my strategy when speaking with mentees.

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Re: mentor wrlcome measage ideas

Post by {ØFL}Professor_Moriarty on Tue Jan 08, 2013 2:21 pm

I just started getting mentees again, so I recently decided to revamp my message. I think the most successful way to get players to stay is to build the relationship with them. That means more than just telling them to go somewhere to find answers.

I usually offer to show my mentee around so that they can get answers immediately for the first little bit. That includes an offer to join my city (which I understand might not be feasible for some) to give then a sense of being part of something initially. This is the message I started using...

Welcome to PK! I hope you enjoy your time here. As your mentor, it is my job to help you learn the ropes in this wonderful game.

If you have any questions about how anything works, you have 3 main resources: the player guide (found by clicking the ? In the upper right hand corner of the menu, our by clicking the info option on just about anything you can select), help chat (automatically turned on for new players), and other players you meet (of which I'm the first). Feel free to use any combination of these.

If there is anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask.

As a bonus, all of my mentees are invited to join me in my city if they wish. Just let me know and I'll help get you set up :-)

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Re: mentor wrlcome measage ideas

Post by Franck on Wed Jan 09, 2013 3:53 pm

Hi , my message is more simple:
Hi , I'm Franck the Game told me i was your
Mentor , how are you ?
Do you need any help or have you some question
about the game ?

usualy i improvise & start a dialog with my mentee

one time a user tought i was a bot LOL ,
my message used his name

your message must be clear and can use some
Emoji if you can .

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Re: mentor wrlcome measage ideas

Post by [Ξ✪Ξ]·ㄅςЯ∑w↑· on Thu Jan 10, 2013 2:02 am

Although i have not had many responses from my own mentee's, I do occasionally find a random newbie at a trade post or even help chat, and if their attitude is good in either situation I would usually send a message like this

"hello and wme to PK! parallel e post d=br />Ifm Fcuriousto ask.if you cre ynjoy ng the iame ?so far?I would ualso ike tho sa if tvenryou have any questions please !Feel free to usk. ansI wm usualyy forlo we by cafreend areuesti

I uet y90%of npeole meply"tostiive lyto ha hortc 'ello ay oame

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by {ØFL}Professor_Moriarty on Tat Dan 102 2013 2644 pm

ISee my mexperienceas the mopostiie Thi feawmentees aIhave aad mespons usually sey toat ( doid't hive thenmendugh i norm>tion Tspoecilly seinceaoey wlways weemsK! pack W meoenteI'm Fot (onto revpons so I rsually sca't hnswersthe muestions awan hoey wwan t PK!

I t'shelpful

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