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I really need some help! [Please read] Return to Horizons (Web)

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I really need some help! [Please read]

Post by Blazsword on Thu Mar 26, 2015 10:53 am

Going insaine over here. I been trying to lauch pk Horizons with bluestack.

It just wont start up at all and i even been reinstalling bluestack and also restarting my computer to see if that fixed the problem i had with pk Horizons not comeing up for me when i launch it.

I did of course restart bluestack it self. Thought none of what i said is working for me at all and i still cannot lauch up pk Horizons.

Please.. If anyone knows how to fix this annoying problem that i have, not being able to play on the web with pk Horizons.

I am pretty upset that it's not working as it should and hopefully some of you guys proberly know a fix for this shit i been dealing with for quite some time now. The reason why i wanna play the web version is because it feels more easy to play on there when it comes to moveing around and what not else and yes i know it's a totally diffrent server with less players then mobile version, but that does not stop me from playing on the web version since i feel it's better for me in my opinion. Anyway. Does anyone know for real how to fix this problem? and i seen other people having the same problem as i have when it comes to starting up the pk Horizons version on bluestack. Just that it does not appear to be comeing up at at all sadly.

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Re: I really need some help! [Please read]

Post by Lonewolf-nz on Wed May 27, 2015 12:33 am

I had the same problem, the only solution for me is to use the "Andy" emulator instead of Bluestacks.

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