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The Jack of Spades
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Re: Why do you Play Horizons?

Post by K3nto on Thu Nov 08, 2012 10:03 am

With regards to PK Web. I started playing pk web almost as soon as it went public. In the beginning it was tough, but not without rewards. I already had experience from playing mob for over a year prior. It was exciting to found my first city again, but the best reasons I will list below:

1. People, I look forward to logging on to see who all is there, and how everyone is doing. See who needs a hand, or if there are some new players that need a boost, or some advice to make their journey a little easier.

2. The openness, I rly have yet to run into someplace I can't get to and few people if any won't grant me passage even for a short time so I can go just about anywhere my heart desires.

3. The interface, I like the larger screen and the fact that I can log in from almost any computer that has an internet connection and play. When I play mobile my ipod battery doesn't last as long, and warring with an ipod touch v4 is pretty tough anyhow which forces my mobile game in a more peaceful direction.

4. Chat, I used to spend time in chat on mob until it just began getting out of hand. I like chat on web because there are great people there, and I can chat and hunt at the same time with little fear of dying because I can see what's happening.

5. Community, We on pk web are a close nit group, we don't really have any major bully problems because we for the most part self police. If things get out of hand we handle it as a community and it all gets sorted out.

6. The game itself, It's pk, what more can I say. I haven't played any game in my life that has kept my interest like this one.

There are many more reasons I enjoy web tbh but I thought I would throw these out for starters.

K3 :P

The Drunk
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Re: Why do you Play Horizons?

Post by the.b345t on Thu Nov 08, 2012 11:23 am

I play it because I enjoy the game... especially on the pc. I was on mobile forever then left a couple years ago. When I got the email for pk web.. i was down for it. It's a lot more open, have gotten to know a lot of fun players, and wish that it was more advertised to the mobile users, so we could get an influx of growth on the server. The real estate is the main thing-- fun to be able to have a lot of dialogs open and still be able to play w/o any interference. Love live Horizons!!!

b3 :twisted:

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Re: Why do you Play Horizons?

Post by SKYY-Pyr8 on Thu Nov 08, 2012 1:51 pm

I play horizons because it is less crowded and alot friendlier than the mobile version. the ability to explore and found cities is always a great aspect to has been around for so long its hard to find virgin territory to expand on. I play both still, but find the gameplay and friendliness of horizons alot more appealing.

The Forester
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Re: Why do you Play Horizons?

Post by Ami✰Amethyst on Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:50 pm

well, im still new, but i dont have a phone or ipod/pad to play it on, so i discovered the game on the web. I learned of it threw a friend that plays the mobile version and they suggested id like it. i feel like i should be answering why i play the game but your asking why i play horizons , im assuming opposed to legends... i just cant play legends... and if i could i dont think i would , heard its flooded with players...

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Re: Why do you Play Horizons?

Post by UK's-Finest on Fri Nov 09, 2012 2:55 am

I log in to keep everyone else on there toes!!!

I played mobile until web's release, and never really went back.
Many reasons the same as those mentioned:
-Web has a bigger better interface, multi windows is a must to play and socialize simultaneously, and the social side is a big part of the game.
-The ability to PK while doing 'real work', I'm on the phone 70% of the day whilst at the desk.
-I like how easy it is to check my bank before going overdrawn when feeding my PK Food addiction too!!!
The whole play experience on web is much easier, and things get done much faster.

Only downside is the lag, but tbh i think a lot of lag is from loading the google maps for me.
If there was a way to turn off the google map element and still be able to travel and play within your built boundary, and turn maps on as and when you need them, it may make it more playable in the bad times!

Keep up the good work!

The Green
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Re: Why do you Play Horizons?

Post by {ЯĀGĘ}ђειτεr∴sκειτεr on Fri Nov 09, 2012 1:46 pm

This post makes me a bit sad. A question and nothing else? No response from the out pouring of love for this game after a question that makes 1/2 the server wonder of their future?

Maybe I'm wrong and they are using our posts as a form of advertisement for our wonderful server?! :oops:

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Re: Why do you Play Horizons?

Post by DaveZebar on Fri Nov 09, 2012 2:19 pm

I think most of my reasons have been mentioned already, but here goes:

- Much better community. Even enemies trade with each other. Because there are less people, players are accountable for what they do, and there is a lot less scamming.
- Visually game is better. It's nice being able to see more flags and keep an eye on chat while playing (rather than doing one or the other). I also hate typing on phone.
- Lag is present, but not as bad as on phone. Also fellow players don't take advantage of the lag, or manipulate it for their gain like on phone (I haven't been on mobile since last update, so it may be better now.)
- There's a lot more of the world unexplored.
- It's convenient to have the game open in a different tab while doing other work on my computer. Questions get asked if a person is holding the phone too much.

I've played mobile, but after starting to play web, I've found myself on it less and less.

The Sky Pirate
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Re: Why do you Play Horizons?

Post by º•†..ŽØMβïξ..†•º on Sat Nov 10, 2012 2:45 am

"Seriously" Why ask why?

I believe the rest of the community has answered this question for me, Normally I wouldn't waste my time on such nonsense as this (Would rather be playing PK), But seeing as you already have my money and I'm not sure what you're up to... I suppose I will take a sec, "please forgive my hostility" after all this is a war game right?

Ok, Ok, So... My answer is... Brains!!! Oh and, It's easier to see and collect swag here, I do a lot of computer graphics and admire Ryan Grant Long and his work, I really don't believe a phone does his work justice...

Zoom Zoom, Screen shot... WooT!!!

Thanx for your time and support...

Much love º•†..ŽØMβïξ..†•º

P.S. If you like my money it would be in your companies best interest to keep PK web running. Did I mention I love swag?

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Re: Why do you Play Horizons?

Post by captidgas on Sat Nov 10, 2012 5:03 am

better ui and bigger screen and being able to see more than 3 lines of chat .. i for one deleted my mobile account webs ui is that much better

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Re: Why do you Play Horizons?

Post by Zanabette on Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:46 am

(1) The thrill of discovery - thistle, an unclaimed mine, continental monsters, a foundable city in an exotic locale.
(2) Comraderie and shared adventures.
(3) Um, ok, some of the swag is pretty awesome too. :lol:

My favorite Horizons advantages: The Google map, including local pictures of the area, can be explored in a separate tab without closing the game. Chat does not preclude all other activity by blocking your screen! Being able to chat with friends about the day’s discoveries helps pass the time while chopping and mining. Groups can hunt or run dungeons (if lag allows) AND enjoy conversation or discuss strategy at the same time -- no screen switching involved!


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