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World: Horizons

4th Age Content

Post by Andrew-rename on Tue Sep 21, 2010 10:51 am

This post will be a mini Update Hut for the 4th Age Beta. We will try and make it the definitive list of all the new content and game changes you should notice while Beta testing. Please read through this carefully and refer back to it when you have any questions about how something should work.


World: Horizons

Your First Kingdom

Post by Andrew-rename on Tue Sep 21, 2010 11:23 am

Changes to note
  • Cities can now be attacked and destroyed. Destroy the City Towers first, then the City Center.
  • Players/minions can only attack each building once every 22 hours

How to create a Kingdom
  • Anyone who is not a member of a kingdom can build a Castle. It costs 500 Refined Oil, 50 Wood, 50 Stone. It takes 1 minute to build.
  • Once you've built a Castle there is an Action on it to "Create Kingdom" which then asks you to name your kingdom.
  • A kingdom can have spaces in its name.
  • A kingdom can not have the same name as a player or another kingdom.

How to join a Kingdom
  • First find the Kingdom's page (like a player profile)
  • All Kingdoms are listed in the "Players" menu of the App.
  • You can also find a Kingdom page by visiting the profile of any Member and clicking the Kingdom's name.
  • From the Kingdom Page you can "Join Kingdom" through the red Actions arrow. This sends a request to the King to join the Kingdom.
  • The King will have a message in their Inbox that they can use to accept or deny your request to join.

Kingdom Flags, Towers, and Obelisks
Just like players in PK, Kingdoms own flags. Kingdoms are limited in the number of flags, towers, and obelisks they can control. The max total of these is dependent on the number of players in the kingdom.
  • Each active player can support 40 of these buildings total
  • To be active, the player has to have logged in within the last 7 days
  • If the kingdom's building capacity drops below the number of active members the extra flags are NOT destroyed, but no new flags can be built.

To make a kingdom flag, a kingdom member needs to build their own flag first, harden it, and then upgrade it to a kingdom flag.
  • Only flags that are close to the Kingdom's Castle or existing Kingdom Flags can become Kingdom Flags (needs to be within about 1 flag distance). This is intended to keep kingdom territory somewhat compact and more easily defended.
  • Hardened Flags cost 100 Bricks to upgrade to a Kingdom Flag.
  • Kingdom Flags can then be upgraded to Kingdom Towers or Kingdom Obelisks.

Kingdom Towers
Kingdom Towers provide defense for the kingdom land.
  • Kingdom Towers have the same range as other towers
  • All levels of Kingdom Towers are worth 10 to the Kingdom Score
  • Kingdom Towers can be upgraded from level 1 to level 5. Each level has more HP.
    • Level 1: 300 Bricks, 60 Crystal --> 10k HP (from Kingdom Flag)
    • Level 2: 1000 Bricks, 200 Crystal --> 20k HP
    • Level 3: 3000 Bricks, 600 Crystal --> 30k HP
    • Level 4: 10000 Bricks, 2000 Crystal --> 40k HP
    • Level 5: 30000 Bricks, 6000 Crystal --> 50k HP

Kingdom Obelisks
Kingdom Flags can also be upgraded to Kingdom Obelisks to provide a Brick bonus for more efficient hunting within a visible circle radius (600 meters).
  • All levels of Obelisks have 3000 HP
  • Kingdom Obelisks can be upgraded from level 1 to level 5. Each level gives a higher Brick production bonus and adds to your Kingdom Score.
    • Level 1: 300 Bricks, 300 Crude Oil --> 30 to Kingdom Score
    • Level 2: 1000 Bricks, 1000 Crude Oil --> 40 KPs, 2x Bricks
    • Level 3: 3000 Bricks, 3000 Crude Oil --> 50 KPs, 3x Bricks
    • Level 4: 10000 Bricks, 10000 Crude Oil --> 60 KPs, 4x Bricks
    • Level 5: 30000 Bricks, 30000 Crude Oil --> 70 KPs, 5x Bricks

Bricks are a brand new, Kingdom-specific resource.
  • Bricks will not be freely trade-able
  • Bricks are earned when players on kingdom land do the following:
    • Hunting monsters
    • Planting trees
    • Chopping trees
    • Tending trees
    • Mining resources

Kingdom Score
This score is an overall measure of the size, strength, and prosperity of each Kingdom.
  • A kingdom's score can be viewed at any time on the kingdom's profile
  • Buildings affecting Kingdom Score:
    • Each Kingdom Flag is worth 2 KPs
    • Each Kingdom Tower is worth 10 KPs
    • Each Kingdom Obelisk is worth 30 KPs (Lvl 1), 40 KPs (Lvl 2), 50 KPs (Lvl 3), 60 KPs (Lvl 4), and 70 KPs (Lvl 5)

Kingdom Succession
Natural Succession
  • The Ruler can name a Successor
  • As long as a Successor is named, the Ruler can step down from the position and the Successor becomes the Ruler
  • If at anytime the Ruler goes inactive:
    • If there is a Successor, the Successor gets the option to Claim the Throne
    • If there isn't a Successor, any Kingdom Member can start Anarchy

Forced Succession
  • Kingdom Members are in one of two different states
    • Loyal / Rebel
    • Members start as Loyal
    • If a member dislikes the current Ruler, they can Rebel
  • If the Rebel Percentage (Number of Rebels / Number of Active Members) goes above 50%, any Kingdom Member can start Anarchy
  • Anarchy lasts 3 days
    • During Anarchy, all Kingdom Members can Vote for a new Ruler by going to that person's profile and choosing the option.
    • The player with the highest percentage of votes wins and becomes the next Ruler
    • The vote can end early if all of the Kingdom Members vote or a single person gets over 50% of the possible vote.
    • In the event of a tie, the oldest vote for either of the tied players determines who wins (Vote Quickly!)
    • During this period, privileges are removed from all Members.
  • If a Kingdom Member attacks and kills the current Ruler, the Rebel Percentage is boosted by 10%
    • This is called the Rebel Boost and it maxes out at 20% (Two Times)
    • Each 10% falls off after 3 days

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Re: 4th Age Content

Post by Gilby3000 on Tue Sep 21, 2010 1:22 pm

  • Each person/minion can only attack each building once every 22 hours
  • Siege weapons will still automatically attack all enemy structures in their range once every minute

War with Golems
Firebomb and Siege golems will probably be most players' weapons of choice for doing large scale war.

Siege Factories
  • Converting normal golems into siege and firebomb golems now takes 22 hours
  • You can only produce one of these units at each Siege Factory at a time

Firebomb Golems
Firebomb golems are single use weapons of mass destruction.
  • Firebomb golems cause 1000 HP damage to the building
  • To use these golems, they must be following you. Then you will see an action on buildings to allow you to target the building
  • Firebomb golems will start a building burning automatically if it brings the building's HP below 50%
  • Burning buildings can be targeted by Firebomb Golems
  • Firebomb golems can't be placed in Garrison Posts anymore

Siege Golems
Siege weapons have a large range, and they can inflict massive amounts of damage to several target buildings over time.
  • Siege Golems have 2 modes, set up and mobile.
    • When set up, they fire at any enemy towers in range once every minute but cannot move.
    • When mobile they don't attack but can move.
  • They set up instantly
  • Once set up, they take 6 hours to take down. When being taken down it can't shoot.
  • They have a range of 600 meters (slightly farther than towers)
  • These can only attack kingdom and country towers.
  • They do 6 damage/minute
  • A siege golem will not start a building on fire automatically

Transporting Golems
War Camps
War camps allow you to transport golems vast distances. Without using a war camp, golems will not follow you when you travel farther than a couple flag distances.
  • Each person can build 1 war camp
  • Must be built on your own land or your kingdom's land or empty land
  • Your war camp shows up in your Estates list.
  • War camps cost 200 Crude Oil, 100 Crystal and 3 Iron.

World: Horizons

Re: 4th Age Content

Post by Andrew-rename on Fri Oct 01, 2010 7:03 am

Signal Flares
Signal Flares can be purchased at the trade post for 20 Food or 2000 Gold.

Signal Flares can be set up anywhere by a player. They are invisible to everyone except the player. When setup they are given a name. When any building within flag sight range (the distance at which you can see any flag, even outside your circle range) is attacked and would send you a notification, that signal flare is set off. Once the flare is set off, it last for 3 days (1 day on beta) before running out and being destroyed. It is still invisible to everyone except you. That notification and any following notification for the next 3 days (1 day on beta) include the signal flare’s name.

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Re: 4th Age Content

Post by Gilby3000 on Fri Oct 01, 2010 7:43 am

New Messaging System

There is a new and improved messaging system. It is not completely polished and some of its functions could change. I won't go into details except to say that we are currently hoping to have the following core features:
  • Personal Message folder that contains both sent and received messages.
  • Other folders (Kingdoms and Cities with more open discussion format)
  • Threaded replies

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Re: 4th Age Content

Post by TryingToWin on Tue Nov 22, 2016 12:41 pm


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