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What's a good new player strategy?

Post by brick on Thu Mar 11, 2010 3:33 pm

It's been a long time since us devs were new players, and we are wondering what a good startegy is for them.
Whether you are a recent player that has a good start or a vet who helps out new players, please share your strategy.
Feel free to include both paths which are fun and paths which are best for success (hopefully they are similar).

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Re: What's a good new player strategy?

Post by Datu on Thu Mar 11, 2010 4:58 pm

go to city borders. ask for passage rights, they give pass because they know theyll get burn if they dont(thats the price of building city in the middle of your land.

dump berries but leave around 30-40,cut all(ferns too) the trees and sell them for food. use the food for lvling ur avi.

sell your leather for gold. leather is 3-4time expensive than wood. use the gold to level your gears. upgrade your armor first then you weapon. upgrade only one weapon and one armor ,thats all you need for hunting. u can upgrade other weapons when your gears are at lvl 22+ because at this lvl gold will be so easy to find.

dont build flags or bouys. because they will just slow your lvling and upgrades down. just use other peoples land.


early lvls are only just a few thousand pages. at level 4 you can already unlock combat skill to lvl 3. thats a +2 lvl up for the gears ur equiped with.

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Re: What's a good new player strategy?

Post by FireKiller on Thu Mar 11, 2010 5:22 pm

Build a small empire. 200-300 flags in one or at most two areas should be your limit.

Join a city ASAP, but not ones that are sieged and raided constantly.

Here are some good tips:
-Do NOT GIVE PASSAGE TO ANYBODY unless you personally know them or trust them completely. Passage -> Chopping -> You going qq in chat
-Try to be self-sufficient. If you can last for long periods of time without having to resort to buying resources, thats excellent.
-Have a forest that you can harvest from. It provides healing berries, a nice little income farm, and an emergency source of wood if you ever need it.
-Talk! Get on chat as often as you possibly can. Talk with all the vets, be nice and friendly. If you make friends, it will be a lot easier to recover from enemy choppings, and even if you are weak, with veteran friends you can mount a counterstrike to push enemies on the defense and give you time to recover.
-Don't provoke people. Insulting them and acting arrogant and high and mighty when you're an insignificant little noob who's played maybe 50 days is a great way to earn yourself powerful enemies, who may or may not hunt you down like a wounded animal.
-READ THE GUIDE!!!! This is the best way to learn PK quickly and it'll make sure you don't get insulted for sayig something inaccurate in Help Chat.
-In terms of PK, weaponry and protection is much more important than fast leveling imo. Get your weapons and armors maxed out as soon as you can, for a max level player with crappy weapons is just as easy a target as the noob who just started playing.
-Oiyoi Martial Arts(MA) does not defeat level 25 or 26 armor. It kills everything under that, but its still good to have a backup set of maxed weapons and armor in case your fists meet a near-max or maxed breastplate.
-The new Metallurgy Skill is good for giving your weapons and armor practical and useful properties.
-Of the five basic skills, these are NEEDED to go far without depending on buying your stuff or using your fists all the time: Alchemy, Leatherworking, Combat Training(max this asap, otherwise w/o cmb you can use +8 and lower only). Weaponsmithing is useful but not really necessary, and Archery is only important if you plan on using bows.
-Before inputting skill points, talk in Help Chat. Find out what you can about the skill's level effect. You can save yourself a lot of anger(and some food too) if you ask about the skill first.

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Re: What's a good new player strategy?

Post by jaysn on Thu Mar 11, 2010 10:15 pm

I always recommend a starting skill path of combat 1, 2, and 3, then trood 1 as the first 5 skill points. Combat 1 & 2 are kinda useless that low, but combat 3 helps all the time. And trood 1 is the best skill in the game imo.

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Re: What's a good new player strategy?

Post by utopi on Thu Mar 11, 2010 10:43 pm

Ask awesome7779 a.k.a awesome[SDK] for free gold and upgrade your weapons


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Re: What's a good new player strategy?

Post by Wolfdragoon on Thu Mar 11, 2010 11:10 pm

Go to
HELP chat. They are always people there willing to answer questions.
And don't do drop trades unless you really know. Ask for person reputation on help and trade chat.
Lol just don't do these two things there:

1) posting referral code every 10 mins there
2) begging for gold for every half an hour (very few really do)

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Re: What's a good new player strategy?

Post by LadyDiana on Fri Mar 12, 2010 4:31 am

Use tradeposts in the major cities. I've seen Rhag offering a tour of the "Big 3" in the past, and I've planned on doing it myself. If you don't have "the Big 3", ask if someone is willing to do a tour for a party of noobs. Ask in hunting chat if anyone's doing a hunting party with/for noobs. You earn more experience and good in parties, and you make friends that way.

Find out who the trustworthy players are before you trade with them. Some of the players you could dump everything you own and they'd merely stand guard for you. Others will take everything you own. Asking in trade or help isn't even necessarily enough, because people can (and have) given false information there. Ask players you trust PRIVATELY, if you have to. I'd trust Jaysn, or Rhagrok, or Rylorn, or urDtrain with my life, for example.

But for the love of God and all that is holy, READ THE GUIDE AND DO THE TUTORIAL. I didn't write either one of them, but answering the same questions overandoverandoverandover is annoying as all get-out, and if I were one of the players that spent days on writing that guide and tutorial, I'd want to wring some necks. ;)

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Re: What's a good new player strategy?

Post by |L|Riρcσrd on Fri Mar 12, 2010 8:25 am

I suggest Datu's system to my noobs and it works for them. He should know his only done it like a five times. :)

I also tell them make friends in chat, asking people questions in help chat, don't do drop trades when your new, and rtfg.

Someone need to post the 'sell food system' it seems to work for noobs with money to burn and it keeps the servers on.

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Re: What's a good new player strategy?

Post by mâdrid on Fri Mar 12, 2010 2:59 pm

this is the best strategy to be strong in this game becasue it worked for me.

1. This is the most important one of all , with out this you wont do it right. Find a strong player with alot of flags.
(They can answer any questions you have and help you out if your in trouble)

2. DO NOT BUILD FLAGS OR BUOYS. use you new friends flags . ( that way your enemies have nothing to attack you )

3. Kill and chop everything in the circle, except for spiders unless you can take them out with one or two tries and mags bcause they take to long and dont give you enough gold for the time you spend on them. ( you get gold and resources )

4.Sell all your resources in above average prices.
( you wont need them so there is no need to sell them fast, if someone really needs them they can buy them at above average price)

5. Do not use food for anthing else except upgrading your avi. (you can start wasting food in anything else when you cap you avi)

6. Have 1 weapon and 1 or 2 armors that you are going to upgrade to +20 then upgrade another weapon. If your going to upgrade a range weapon i suggest a crossbow because i think its better than longbow and sling.
( you dont need +25 weapons because nobody really fight pvp unless its friendly)

7. The last one is as important as the first one. HAVE FUN! remember that its just a game and have fun with it.

If you want to be top flags , its easy: find a place were almost nobody has access to like middle east, africa, south america, etc... and start building like crazy. ( bulid in line --------- that way if someone want to attack you they would have to waste double the resources you do )

i have a roc shrine in south america, africa and an island were if someone want to get to me they would have to build 1k-3k flags to get there.

ps . this topic should be moved to strategy not general discussion.

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Re: What's a good new player strategy?

Post by FireKiller on Fri Mar 12, 2010 4:58 pm

You can, and probably will want to build flags. Its not necessary(or very dependable) to always use your friends flags-remember, friends are very fickle, none more so in an online game.

I suggest planting a small empire, at most 150-250 flags to avoid overspreading. If you are so fortunate to have been blessed with no active PKers nearby, build as much as you want, but still be careful. I was blessed with tons of open space for my little corner of PK, and now, even though i p!ss a few people off, none have ever found me, save one group, and im fairly sure they've all quit by now.

Its also a good idea to search out the few clans in this game. The two i know exist are Blades Empire and SDK. Both are great little organizations, nice and friendly. I suggest you join one of them, or form your own small clan, until you can hold your own against attack. Even then, its a good idea to form and join clans, if only because they will protect each other if one is attacked.

I would also say this: DO NOT ATTACK IMMEDIATELY!! Sure, your puny +0 sword will burn stuff as fast as my fists, or a good maxed spear, but you'll be making an enemy who is almost always a lot more powerful than you are.
As for vets, don't trust them with your lives, but trust them. Most veterans are friendly and will protect you if you ask nicely.


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