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Re: What's a good new player strategy?

Post by seven on Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:28 pm


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Re: What's a good new player strategy?

Post by Wolfdragoon on Wed Jul 28, 2010 9:44 pm

Internet communications and mmo games in general is so "faceless". You can attack anyone without real costs to yourself.

I could say that I was first troubled by Teamnoir's posts. It came across as presenting her own views as facts while it is actually newbish and not trying hard enough or not knowing the game enough. But I can understand that her complaints might rub wrongly with some of the older players, but she does present what many of the newer players first encounter when they play the game. Not all players came into the game the same way, with the same angle views and experience on mmo.
Furthermore, she doesn't play to be safe. Most of the time she is being vocal. There are pros and cons to that hehe.

Anyway, one day I've met a cave of teamnoir's ingame in the middle of nowhere and actually like Teamnoir more ingame on pm.
Perhaps, if I know her in real life, I would like her too for her intelligence, persistence and woman views....
Ahh... you gotta hate them for their views but you gotta love/respect them too for their differences....

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Re: What's a good new player strategy?

Post by Erik1112 on Sat Aug 21, 2010 11:29 am

Got a dumb question about levelling up an food:
When is the food taken from your account? Directly when you click "Level up" after getting enough pages? Or when you choose which skill you want to learn?
Today I had 180 Food and enough pages for my 5th level up. I wanted to go from Weapons Smithing 2 to 3. I didn't relize you needed 2 Skill points for that, so I got a message saying "Nope!". I decided to wait for the next level up. But then I saw that I had only 100 Food left. Is this correct? Does it really cost 80 Food to acquire a skill point? I thought it was 1 skill point AND 80 Food to learn a new skill...
Bottom line: do I have the correct amount of Food or was it wrongly taken away?

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Re: What's a good new player strategy?

Post by brick on Sat Aug 21, 2010 5:54 pm

Food is taken when you go through the act of leveling up. There is no food cost for using a skill point.

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Re: What's a good new player strategy?

Post by SerialJoe on Mon Aug 30, 2010 12:43 am

Immediately gather the resources to build one flag and your cabin which if I recall is six wood and 3 leather.. and then of course build those two things.. You'll get your city ticket after you build the cabin. Use it.. Now you have a higher range of motion.. Go around killing any thing you see other than players or their pets and don't kill the trolls either.. Pick up junked weapons on the ground and pick up every back pack you run across (upgrade the back packs later but only once.).. Get berries and throw them down for 10 gold a piece you wanna get 100 gold to join the city that you havea ticket to. go around and raid gold from all the oil wells that don't have garrisons by them and all the ones that are npc oil wells.. Go to your oil well and get 3 of them gathering oil.. get to of them to follow and go build a crystal hut and get those gnomes gathering crystal.. Then go out gathering resources and expand your flag empires.. come back to your city everytime you are on collect the oil and crystal. Build everything as you can.. Build the research lab first and take a gnome off oil duty and make him research.. Pretty much after that you are leveling fairly good and your stuff is growing at the same pace.. Remember to not waste your food on anything but leveling unless you wanna get 3 roc eggs from the T/p to take to the troll hut so you can get troll lore and get the trolls off your back.. Ask for help in the chat.. Watch out for scammers..

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Re: What's a good new player strategy?

Post by limitnsqueakerz™ on Wed Sep 01, 2010 1:23 pm

Best things i can tell new people is use food to level up only and never drop trade.

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Re: What's a good new player strategy?

Post by Boingy on Wed Sep 22, 2010 1:48 am

As a newbie myself I can identify with some of the 'moans' in this post, but having played other similar games my first port of call when stuck is to head for the forums! If only other newbies would do the same, I've not played for that long and have already switched off Help chat :(

This post has been most informative :) thanks everyone!

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Re: What's a good new player strategy?

Post by Sherlock£Holmes on Sat Oct 30, 2010 7:02 pm

If you scam if you need help at ine time no one will help you.
You will be a targeted enimy for 70% of all pk. Everything will be burned.
You'll have to pay taxes when people make you do a trade. (tax is 10% so I normal 100K trade means 110K(1K=1000 gold/food 10K 10000 and so on) so. If you have exactly 1,000,000 gold and the thing u want is 110000 gold. It won't work. So don't scam so you don't have to pay taxes.
And also. Pm me for a zag route. For those knewbies that don't know what a zag it.

A zag is a rare creature found only in high elevations(aka mountains) and if you find one. You can sell it for 60K-80K gold. Or somehow (they are VERY strong) kill it. 99%(not all. One zag i've killed didn't drop a feather) of all zags drop a ice feather. Because they are found in high elevations. Mist high elevations are cold. And it's a bird so feather. Remember. PM me(message Marco_Polo) I will give you some feathers and head you on a trail and you can become notorious zag finder like me :D :) only reason im saying all this mumble jumble is cuz I'm bored out of my mind. As servers are down due to new age swop. Weeeeee. Type type type type. I want to have the largest post on here yaaay. Wow. I sound like a 10 year old :D
One last tip. Do a lot of donjons. (cavern dojos and dragon lairs mainly) you can get very expensive materials in them.

Dojo : chi : 10K-90 food
Cavern : violet hearts : 7-17K food varys
Dragon lair : dragon egg : getting a dragon pet : dragon egg : 8K 70-80food

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Re: War driving

Post by ‎​┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ on Fri Nov 05, 2010 3:29 am

Teamnoir wrote:Newbies are immediately presented with several huge hurdles that aren't covered in the guide, the tutorial, or elsewhere in this topic.

Problem: movement. You can't move without feathers. You can't get feathers without gold, (and access to friendly trolls). You can't get gold without being able to move and hunt. In many places, you're surrounded by flags, (which can't be burned by newbies). And you can't find open space to build a house or hunt. The only movement you have available is your initial city ticket, (using the ticket costs no feathers), although your city is likely to be flag locked as well.

Forget the dog. Dog is useless with your newbie allowance of feathers. You'll need those feathers for your first trip to a real trading post and you don't have enough feathers to even use the dog once and still get to a trading post.

Solution: war driving. Get out of the house. Your device is mobile. Use it. Walk around in the real world. Ride your bike. Or your motorcycle. Drive a mile or two down the road. Stop. "relocate". Hunt. Clear the circle then drive another mile or two. Farm for leather and wood. Traveling in this way costs no "in game" resources.

Clearcut everything. Other posters say to leave great ferns because you can farm them over and over. In a landlocked area, this isn't true. And if you can get back easily, there's no reason to believe that someone else isn't already farming them. So harvest first, then clearcut everything. You don't have the luxury of leaving them. You can't afford it until later levels. (I'm now level 5 with combat training 3 and I can now afford to leave them.)

Note: neither sap nor berries have any resale value. Initially, you should carry some berries, but dump the sap and any extra berries for gold and carrying capacity. When you can find and kill larva, and you have upgraded weapons worth maintaining, you'll want that sap. But that's at least a few levels away. Initially, you can't do anything with the sap and it has no resale value aside from dumping.

Problem: can't kill anything. If you're flag locked in a city where other players have been before, it's entirely likely that the only areas you can reach are full of epic mobs. You can kill most things if you're willing to die a lot. And the only thing you lose is gold, which you may not have much of anyway. So swing, die, wait 15 seconds. Swing again, die again, repeat. Just make sure your mob isn't under a mourning tree or it'll heal while you're resurrecting.

Solution: kill trees. Most mobs don't really aggro unless you hit them first. But you can kill trees. Trees have exp. And they're good as a cash crop for food, (see below).

Problem: carrying capacity. As a newbie you can't carry much. Even a collection of weapons will encumber you. As written earlier in this topic, you only really need one set of armor and one weapon. You'll eventually find backpacks on trolls, troodents, and duck trees, but initially it's hard because you can't carry much and you can't travel much. Dump things when you get full. It's not much gold, but it's a little.

The first backpack upgrade is certainly worth it early on as backpacks come very slowly. By the time I got to about 40kg of carrying capacity, though, I was kinda sorry I'd spent the money on the second upgrades.

Problem: open land. I don't have a good solution to this. Dog doesn't work. Begging other players might work but I wasn't willing to do this. I went war driving and was able to find some open space by level 4. It took me about 8hrs of driving around and a couple of tanks of gas to find it, but I did find some. Note to game designers: that's ~$30 or so of my money that went into playing this game without going into your pocket.

The guide would have you believe that you can burn flags which would suggest that you can create open land by clearing some. But newbies can't. Burning flags, (even unhardened flags), requires oil which requires membership in a city which requires gold and food and transportation that you simply don't have access to at the beginning. You literally have no hope whatsoever of causing any grief to another player or to opening their land - not even as a nuisance value.

Initial goals:

It costs 80 food to level. Each level costs 80 food. Your initial food will last you a few levels so you need a plan for acquiring food almost immediately. The easiest way for a newbie to get food is to buy it from the game using real world cash. If you'd rather play for it, then your best plan is probably to sell wood at a major trading post. 1 food for 1 wood is a good rule of thumb. However, getting to the trading post is expensive, especially given your limited carrying capacity, so this requires some planning. If you make your first trip too early, you'll get stuck.

You can also get food by using a friend's device, setting up a dummy character, handing over all your resources, and then removing the game from their device. This prevents them from playing, but you almost certainly know some people with devices who will never play the game anyway.

There are apparently two major trading posts in the game, (wish this were in the guide): Happy Valley, (which is outside of Portland), and Fort Erie, (dunno where this is yet but I'm sure someone will pipe in). It costs me 10 feathers to get to HV, 40 to get to FE. You can use that as a guide. Apparently distance matters. You can return using either your city ticket or "reloc", so that part of the trip is "free".

While it's technically possible to sell at your local city, in practice, the market there is almost certainly illiquid, so don't bother. When you have enough wood to sell, (30 - 50, probably), ask on channel for an invite to the major trading post nearest you. Make sure you have enough feathers and double check the transport cost before accepting. Don't pay for this invite. It's to everyone's best interest to make the major trading posts accessible to as many players as possible. This makes the markets there more liquid which is to everyone's advantage. Just ask. And if you don't get an invite, wait a bit and ask again later.

Plan your first trip to the real trading post very carefully. Then lather, rinse, and repeat.

Random Notes:

Harvest berries before chopping. Harvest sap before chopping. But chop dusk trees before "harvesting".

Eat a berry immediately after engaging a mob in combat. The healing is slow, works over time, and will counteract the enemy's dps to some degree. Don't wait until you think you need healing. Start healing as soon as you have damage or it could be too late. (You'll figure out the right timing with experience).

Mourning tree saplings provide healing too, so if you plant one, you can get more healing out of a single berry than you can if you just eat it. Note that you can plant in someone else's territory. If a circle has mobs, but no trees, it's probably more efficient to plant one and return to it. Note that you can also plant one near a mob, or a set of mobs, which can provide it's healing while you are fighting. Tree healing and eaten berry healing effects do stack, although you can only eat one berry at a time, and apparently two trees provide no more healing than one tree.

Different mobs have different weaknesses. The guide will tell you which weapon is most effective against which mob. Use it. It matters. At low levels the different seems to feel like about 1.5 - 2 weapon levels. So the wrong weapon at +2 is probably better than the right weapon at +0.

I wish this post was the thread, best way of describing everyhing. I figured it out from the guide and people helped me through but I wish I would have had this knowledge from the get go.

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Re: What's a good new player strategy?

Post by Amy:-) on Fri Dec 24, 2010 1:45 pm

I think a hardcore mode would be good like u have to eat sleep and heal limbs it would make the game more harder to get what u want or need.


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