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Parallel Origin - New Map based MMORPG in Development

Post by ╰яв╯♞αgεทтgεทαя♞™ on Thu May 10, 2018 2:43 am

Well... May I introduce myself ? My name is Lars or many others know me only under the name "Genar".

I am the developer of "Parallel Origins"... this probably wont tell you anything, but its a map based mmorpg like "Parallel Kingdom" in a new and unique look.
Its 6 months ago that i started the development and it has progressed great so far... Players can already craft, build and explorer the world. But i am honest... its playable, but it isnt really fun... there still a lot of features missing, for example Mobs, Npc's, PVP and things like that. But i am using nearly all my freetime to steadily implement new features.

Im still a student (Doing my two year fulltime course in IT & Game Development) and my final exams are near... so for the next 2 weeks there wont be any big updates... but otherwise i hope im able to find some freetime to continue and taking a break from learning.


Heres a little ingame screenshot... i hope you like it ^^

If you want take a look at : where i constantly post new progress and updates regarding the development process :)
Theres also a Community Group where i sometimes post special content regarding the development, feel free to join it ;)
There isnt a website yet... but i will start working on one as soon as i finished my exams.
I am happy for every help i can get... also sharing is caring ;)

Thanks for your attention ! :D

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