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Parallel Origin - New Map based MMORPG in Development

Post by ╰яв╯♞αgεทтgεทαя♞™ on Thu May 10, 2018 2:43 am

Well... May I introduce myself ? My name is Lars or many others know me only under the name "Genar".

I am the developer of "Parallel Origins"... this probably wont tell you anything, but its a map based mmorpg like "Parallel Kingdom" in a new and unique look.
Its 6 months ago that i started the development and it has progressed great so far... Players can already craft, build and explorer the world. But i am honest... its playable, but it isnt really fun... there still a lot of features missing, for example Mobs, Npc's, PVP and things like that. But i am using nearly all my freetime to steadily implement new features.

Im still a student (Doing my two year fulltime course in IT & Game Development) and my final exams are near... so for the next 2 weeks there wont be any big updates... but otherwise i hope im able to find some freetime to continue and taking a break from learning.


Heres a little ingame screenshot... i hope you like it ^^

If you want take a look at : where i constantly post new progress and updates regarding the development process :)
Theres also a Community Group where i sometimes post special content regarding the development, feel free to join it ;)
There isnt a website yet... but i will start working on one as soon as i finished my exams.
I am happy for every help i can get... also sharing is caring ;)

Thanks for your attention ! :D

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Re: Parallel Origin - New Map based MMORPG in Development

Post by ★DØG✪fWAR★ on Tue Jun 19, 2018 1:32 pm

This looks the most promising game being worked on to fill the gap left by the loss of PK. Good work so far I hope you keep it up and actually get the game to a point where it's out there ready to play, as the other devs making PK style games have failed to deliver before they have even got started properly. But got to say it looks very nice indeed, great infact. Be nice to see the website to accompany it aswell like you mentioned for a place for the fan club to unite and even help u with ideas. Count me in to help beta testing for sure :twisted:

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