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swag/ regular

Post by spike1881 on Tue Jun 17, 2014 7:26 am

A few days ago i logged on and noticed my reaper gone. I checked trollgear and shipmates gear, nothing. I did notice an regular tunic in my inventory, same gem/ metal and level as my reaper. It might have been there already but i never noticed it before. A few weeks ago an v dia deathspear disapeared the same way from my inventory. I also noticed v swords, v leather armor, v spears, v tunics etc etc ( non swag) in my backpacks. I didnt think about it for an sec and dumped them instantly. But now it looks like my v swags and reaper turned into regular non swag gear! anyone else having isseues like that?

Ofcourse i mailed tech again, and also for my reaper

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