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Taxes at Hubs/Trade post(Problem?)

Post by ℓα๔γ※ℜเรร on Thu Apr 24, 2014 6:55 pm

Ok I've been merchant for awhile. I thought I had understanding of tax rate but seem to be some hidden variable.

Largest Hub 15%
Small hubs 10%
Trade post 5%
Merchants can get 10%, 25% or 50% tax reduction when buying or selling.

With all that said here's the thing. I the price is less than 10k the taxes are added correctly. If over 10k than 1 extra gold is added except on some post that are even tens of thousands like 80k after taxes is 86k. I thought it was all even tens of thousands but tried it on 90k but came out to 96751.

Some are gonna be like are you seriously complaining about 1 gold answer is NO. There is a problem with this extra gold that's added and I'll explain.

Most of the stuff I sell is sold in quantities of that don't alway have there own section like 5 or 10 and 25 or 50 and I stagger the post. Example would be 5 than 10 than 5 than 10 and so on with this extra 1 gold that can't be done.

I don't remember this being a problem before if I posted say 10 wigits than 5 than 10 again at a price of 4800 per unit than they won't stagger the quantity of 5 will be buried by the 10's.

There is more than just that. When price matching I've seen the tax not be properly added to the item I'm gonna be price matching. It was 8% it hasn't happen that many times but does.

Also I was double checking before writing this and Golden Beach was saying it was gonna add 3% tax and did on low priced items not sure at what point it swited to 2 1/2% but it's supposed to be 10%/5% there.

The extra 1 gold thing can you please either remove that or make it 2 so items can be stagger posted.

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