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Object of the Game?

Post by FryeC on Sat Dec 20, 2008 6:44 pm

Quick Questions from a new player.
1. Is my goal to get the most gold I can?
2. Can I go up levels?
3 Is there a way to pick up your backpack when you die instead of the other 8 items your dragging around?
4. Can I sell any of these items I have? Where would I go?

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Re: Object of the Game?

Post by urDtrain on Sat Dec 20, 2008 11:17 pm

1. Goal: In this 'Age' the only player v. player comparitor is by gold. Hopefully this will change in the next 'Age' - which we all assume is the next release that may happen soon...
2. Levels: Kill more stuff, get more gold , move up in rank..... again, hopefully changing soon....
3. Sorting: Until you get more backpacks (yes this is a ridiculous concept, I now have 42) you pick things up in their 'display order; it's been requested that in the next 'Age' you can get a list of stuff (and sort your backpack(s) contents), but til then then just stand aside your pile, pick up, drop, the pick up again.
4. Selling: yes, we all hope it is coming soon - most people make a pile of stuff in their 'home' area for this reason (and its easier to kill things when your attack is a pickup); It might be that Troll Huts will accept/repair.... hopefully coming soon.

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