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Newbie QUestions about this game

Post by Janx on Thu Nov 20, 2008 9:17 am

I just found this game, by googling up "Locative Art iPhone". I'm reading Gibson's "Spook Country", so the ideas in the book were interesting.

Anyway, the game sounds cool. I'm into Geocaching, so I like the idea of using the GPS in a game.

Here's some questions, for things that aren't too obvious on first start of the game:

1) Can I change the email address used for my account? (I used hotmail, want to use my gmail so I can get to notifications on my iphone).

2) Are you guys going to spam/sell my email address? (Might want to mention that in the account sign up)

3) Is there anyway to move around in the game, without physically moving around in the real world?

4) How does an ipod touch user move around, since there is no GPS?

5) can anybody just walk up to my guy and kill me, while I'm offline? (monsters or players)

6) besides monsters, trees and other players, what else is in the world? (cities, towns, ?)

7) How/where do I spend the money I get from killing monsters? (presumably to buy better gear)

8) Is it relatively easy to play cooperatively with others on iPhones, ipods?


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Re: Newbie QUestions about this game

Post by Fogindoor on Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:54 am

I'll answer to the best of my ability.

1-yes. it'll be in the technical support area of the forum. use the link to email your request.
2-i havent seen any of that. the email sends you notifications if your being attacked, or everyone elses favorite "you've died. sorry."
3-yeah. you get a radius to move within. but you'll notice that if you've downloaded the game.
4-i dont know. i believe the same way. but they use wifi. i have a g1
5-yep. thats whats a bit of contreversy about the game. they can kill you, but there will be times where you can kill others too. but dont worry. the attacks are turn based until about a minute. then you can be hit or deal blows again.
6-not yet. the game will get an upgrade (who knows when [we believe soon]) that will allow the building of safehouses and what not...
7-right now just to upgrade gear. in the next age (upgrade), you'll buy buildings and other knock knacks.
8-yeah, pretty easy. simple in how to play, but still classic fun. you can casually play or really get sucked in. i guess it depends on your taste.

np Rodney

World: Legends
Gold: 3924
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Joined: Thu Nov 20, 2008 7:13 am

Re: Newbie QUestions about this game

Post by Janx on Thu Nov 20, 2008 1:56 pm

thanks for the reply.

I just found a way to move within the revealed map: double tap on where you want to go.

Not sure (yet) how to spend the money. Does the items sub-menu have an option to buy things (in a normal RPG, you'd go to a store/shop keeper to enter a buy/sell menu)

Also, I've learned that having the game on, and walking to normal places can get you killed. I was showing a friend the game while we walked to the car for lunch. I walked into one of those dead trees that kill you. I died twice. :) / :(

I suspect that some other folks (who talked about seeing places they wanted to get to, but no wanting to physically walk there) didn't know about the double tap to move within the revealed map.

My observation of how the game is used:
Start game, let GPS figure out where you are
scroll the map around to see where you want to go
double-tap to move you're guy there (that's how ipod touch users will have to do it)
If you want to move beyond the revealed area, you will have to physically move.

It is not clear how to reveal more area, short of stopping the game, moving, and restarting it (driving places did not seem to reveal more map, unless I am forced to go farther than the revealed area, which I haven't tried yet).

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