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After 7 Days - Review

Post by sebuh on Thu Nov 20, 2008 1:37 am

I played this game pretty much non stop for about 7 days. Whenever I had battery in my phone and a new map I was killing stuff. I played on my G1. I played on Edge, 3G, and Wifi connections. I played in a 10 Mile radius area. I will continue to play the game but I will slow down a little bit so I dont burn myself out before the next Age comes out.

Things I like about the game:
Forces you to physically move to advance faster in the game. Unique.
Combat is simple enough to do while driving.
Loading is fast usually. Edge is slower but thats ok because it saves mad battery when you use that.
Controls are very easy to do with just one thumb.
Easy enough to just get out of house and walk 100 yards to get new spawns.
Game doubles as a navigation program and game.
Can play music player in background.
Can answer calls while playing.
Developer team interacting with community and players very well.

Things I dislike about the game:
Did not see 1 other active player the entire time I was on.
Saw lots of AFK people that would take a long time to kill.
Inventory is extreamly hard to organize.
Chat function in menu was completely useless and was not able to test for functionality with other player.
Send PM closes randomly.
No Logout command other then after Dying.
No Android top status bar. (Battery/Connection/GPS/Notifications.) Need to know if battery is getting too low so I can stop playing instead of raping my battery to 0 and being left without a PHONE which is the main function of the G1.
Lots of Unused equipment laying around the world.
Upgrading is broken. Lvl 20 axe hits someoen for 15 dmg when a lvl 2 sword can do the same thing.

Suggestions to improve game:

Add a PM notification Icon that pops up ontop of the map screen when you have a PM.
Add a timed quest. Example. Kill 25 Wolves in one Hour receive gold prize + item. Many ideas for quests floating around forum but I dont want to steal other peoples ideas. Trying to come up with my own.
Add a City Chat. For example all of the players in Burbank, CA can talk to eachother.
Seperate Inventory window into Tabs. Armors / Weapons / Items(berries+others later on) / Bags. Should have the option to sort your inventory a few different ways. Sort by Hits left. Sort by Upgrades level. Sort by Type.
Add Logout command to Menu.
Add Treasure Map style quests where you kill a Random mob and it drops a peice of paper with a Cross street where you haveto go there and either kill a monster or bring a certain type of item to receive reward.
Balance out +X to items to make it worth upgrading a weapon to higher level instead of just stopping at 4 like most players have been doing.
Would like to see buildings back in the game. Place to smelt weapons to get materials to build new better ones.
example. Smelt 10 50-100 use daggers and craft one 500 use +4 dagger. Add items that can only be made through crafting.

Town Center - The town is located wherever you and the players in your area frequent and load up the most. In my area this would be the Burbank Media Center(mall).

Add a Inn (place to log out) costs gold to sleep in or buy food.
Add Blacksmith. Place where you can trade weapons to a NPC for new ones.
Add Magic Shop. Place to buy skills like firebolt and what not.
Add Wizards Teleportation Pad. Pay an amount of gold to go to any location in the United States. Would be an awsome way to make a PVP area if everyone knew where to type in. After you log out though you return to where you teleported from unless you stay at the other towns Inn.
Add Arena. Place in town where you can set up duels.
Add Town Hall. With a ingame buillitin board players in an area can post times to meet ingame or place bounties on other players. Town Hall also sells land deeds so you can place a building at your own home so you can store items, sleep in, recover HP.

I am really impressed with what your team has done to gaming.

This is a revolution in gaming and I hope the development team and player community can join forces to make an incredible game that will be remembered years to come as the first MMMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Mobile Online Role Playing Game) to make huge success!

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Re: After 7 Days - Review

Post by Fogindoor on Thu Nov 20, 2008 5:59 am

I like your ideas alot.
a few suggestions of my own if i may...
how about instead of a teleportation to another place. you have instances that you can teleport to. that way you go there for a certain amount of time. i might be flip flopping here but the lack of log out might not be a bad idea. i would love to set up a tower on a freeway and nail the folks driving by. and have the shops and trade be just menu options under a town center tab. that transports you to a closed map area full of vendors. no inns. yeah. maybe a tent or house that you can sleep in that you can be safe for the night. no one likes emails at 3:30am saying they were ganked by a million crawlers and there was nothing there when you went to sleep. but these "tents" would have a certain amount of uss too. let's say as much as berries.

ps. the tent idea isnt mine. just read it and thought it was a great idea

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