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The UNOFFICIAL PK clan list!

Post by FireKiller on Sat Oct 31, 2009 12:20 pm

This is a list of the four well known clans of PK. If you wish to join, PM these people.

Clan: Midnight Cult
Leader: DarkEclipse
Status: Active, Lurking
Profession: Everything
Member List: PM DarkEclipse or Firekiller
# of members:10-15
General Region: Unknown(DarkEclipse and Firekiller around the NY area)
Clan Type: Anti-War
Clan Citadel(yes, i had to be fancy): New London
Ranking: ***

Clan: Divine Valor
Leader: Achilleys
Status: Active, Lurking
Profession: Helping noobs, Taking Lands
# of members: Estimated at 10+
General Region: Texas
Clan Type: Anti-War
Member List: PM Achilleys
Clan Citadel: ???
Ranking: ***

Clan: Nur-e-Din
Creator: Levinas
Status: Active, Lurking
Profession: Helping out noobs, Creating a Just and Civil PK Society
# of members: 10+
General Region: Private as requested by Levinas
Clan Type: Anti-War
Member List: PM Levinas
Clan Citadel: ???
Ranking: ***

Clan: The Empire(Reformed into a city networking system)
Creator: Creighton
Status: ???
Profession: Networking cities and PKers
General Region: Former Empire base located in South America
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Re: Currently known clans and leaders

Post by Achilleys on Sat Oct 31, 2009 12:22 pm

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Re: Currently known clans and leaders

Post by FireKiller on Sat Oct 31, 2009 12:43 pm

If you'd like YOUR clan to be listed on the unofficial PK clan listings, please PM Firekiller ingame.

Requirements for listing:

-Clan must be minimum 1 week old
-Must have 5+ members, minimum 2 active

Details to PM me:

-Your clan's name
-Your clan's leader(or creator if there is no one set leader)
-The number of members
-Your clan's profession(what they mostly do)
-Clan status(Active, Lurking, Warring, Inactive)
-Where most of your clan is located(most = At least 55%)
-Age 3: Your clan's city(ies)
WARNING: Clans inactive for longer than two weeks will be delisted.
If your clan is warring, please specify with whom or which clan.

Conditions for delisting:

-Clan is disbanded
-More than 75% of the clan becomes inactive
-Clan is destroyed(total annhilation;every member of your clan has been either successfully
sieged AT THEIR HOMELAND or has been killed in SOLO(1v1, no interference and NO NETS) combat more than five times by an enemy clan member)in a war
-Clan Leader resigns; new leader must PM me within two weeks to confirm a change of leadership to remain on the list.
-Clan status remains as Inactive for more than two weeks; clan leaders may PM me stating the clan is active to be automatically relisted.
-Clan Leader is assassinated
(If applicable)
-Main clan base is destroyed
-Clan is incorporated/merged with another clan(Listing will be updated to reflect the merger)
-Leader's base is COMPLETELY destroyed in a siege
*Age 3 Conditions*
-City is conquered
-If a clan has more than 1 taken city, to be delisted the clan must have lost a minimum 50% of its cities(4 cities -> 2 cities)
-City is annhilated(All clan members and Golems[Includes specialized Golems] defending the city are killed in battle, but winning clan suffers over 70% casualties and does NOT take the city)

Once more clans are listed, i will begin giving each clan a rank.
The rank symbol will be *.
A clan can earn upto five stars, with five stars being the highest ranked.
Clans can move up and down ranks by:

Up rank:
-Winning wars
-Defeating higher ranked clans in skirmishes
-Being higher leveled overall(For the purpose of this list only, high level = 20/20 averaged or better)
-Excelling at clan profession
-Successfully repulsing siege parties and expelling raid parties with MINIMAL structural and player casualties(Minimal casualties = <30% structures and <50% players destroyed/killed)
-Capturing cities(# of cities will automatically give rank)
1 city: Guaranteed *
2 cities: Guaranteed **
3 cities: Guaranteed ***
4 cities: Guaranteed ****
6 cities: Guaranteed *****

Down rank:
-Losing wars frequently
-Losing to lower ranked clans
-Being lower leveled overall(Low leveled = 14/14 averaged or lower)
-Not performing clan profession AT ALL
-Failure to repulse siege parties
-Failure to repel raid parties
-Successfully repelling siege and raid parties, but with heavy casualties
(Heavy casualties = <70% structures and <60% players destroyed/killed)
-Losing cities

*Clan Exile*
A clan has been exiled when all of its members' lands have been annhilated or captured. An exiled clan will be immediately delisted and is not considered for relisting until they rebuild a base, either on land or in the water.

*Exempt Clans*
An exempt clan is one that will not be delisted for a certain amount of time due to factors outside the clan's control.

*Blacklisted Clans*
Clans that are not in good standing with the general PK community (i.e, clans made of scammers) are considered to be blacklisted, and will NEVER be considered for listing until the clan changes its profession to something a little more agreeable.

Annhilation for the purpose of this list is when a clan member's lands have been completely taken over by enemies or has been completely destroyed; essentially, the player has no land at his/her main location.
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Re: Currently known clans and leaders

Post by Achilleys on Sat Oct 31, 2009 12:47 pm

We like to claim land as well. And thanks for setting this list up. ^_^

EDIT: Don't forget region! Like where we are settled. DV is mostly in Dallas, TX. (That's where most of our population is.)

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Re: Currently known clans and leaders

Post by FireKiller on Sat Oct 31, 2009 1:01 pm

I will edit this list as changes are PMed and new clans request listing.
Please do not post your listing request or any other post on this topic. All requests should be PMed to Firekiller ingame.

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Re: The UNOFFICIAL PK clan list!

Post by FireKiller on Sat Oct 31, 2009 4:21 pm

General definitions:
*Please note that these definitions are for the purpose of this list only.*

Active:Clan has more than 15% of its players online regularly
Lurking:Clan has had no important activity in over three months
Warring:Clan is actively fighting against a defined enemy
Inactive:Clan has less than 5% of members online regularly

Siege: Groups of players banding together to continually attack a player or group of players
Successful Siege:Destroy the enemy player's base(more than 65% of structures destroyed)
Failed Siege: Enemy player repulses siege
Siege does not destroy a player's base(<65% of structures destroyed)
Solo Combat: 1v1(one player vs. another player), no interference, no running, and most importantly no netting/trapping.
Assassinated: Leader is killed by an enemy clan member, using a net/trap; no other clan members should know leader is killed to count as an assassination.

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Re: The UNOFFICIAL PK clan list!

Post by 9999999333 on Sun Nov 01, 2009 5:02 pm

So many more clans are going to be started with the creation of cities its going to be awesome. I think you should edit the description when AoE 2 comes out to make cities a big part of clans.

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Re: The UNOFFICIAL PK clan list!

Post by FireKiller on Sun Nov 01, 2009 6:02 pm

Clan list Q&A

Q: What is this list for?
A: The unofficial PK clan list is used to give anybody who wants a list of clans who wish to be listed. Its a generally handy guide to PK clans.

Q: How can I join one of these clans?
A: PM the specified Leader or the clan's Creator, shown on the clan's listing.

Q: Why are there so many conditions that could delist a clan?
A: I pride myself on delivering an excellent listing of the clans of PK. An excellent list can only be maintained by including only the best clans.

Q: My clan was delisted. How can I get it relisted?
A: There has to be a reason for a delisting; I will not simply go around delisting clans I don't like. Therefore, take a look at the Conditions for Delisting; your answer is most likely there.

Q: My clan has lost a major war against much lower ranked clan. Will we be delisted?
A: No, you will not be delisted. You will, however, most likely drop a star or two in rank.

Q: Can I get special benefits for being your bestest friend evar?
A: Nope, sorry. I try to be impartial in listing clans, and therefore being my friend still won't help you if your clan is slated for delisting or deranking.

Q: Is there a limit to how many times a clan can be delisted and relisted?
A: No, there is no limit. The unofficial PK clan list is open to all major clans no matter how many times that clan has been delisted.

Q: Can my clan bump another clan off the list?
A: It wouldn't be very nice, but yes.

Q: And how will you know everything that goes on in my clan without us telling you?
A: I listen frequently to Global chat, and i have friends who can give me the scoop on whats up, however i would greatly appreciate if you came out honestly and told me what is going on.

Q: Why do you need to know whats going on in the first place?
A: To keep the unofficial PK clan list up to date, I'll need to be current with all clan events and happenings. That way i can be impartial in my listings.

Q: Why would I want my clan's Ranking to be high?
A: My rankings often provide a marker of a certain clan's power and stability. Five-star clans are often the largest, most powerful, and most stable in the game. Therefore grabbing better rankings for your clan will help your clan survive and expand.

Q: Why does claiming cities in AoE 2 guarantee my clan ranking?
A: The claiming of cities in AoE 2 requires three players to invest a "considerable" amount of resources. In addition, your clan will need to defend the city from enemy clans-therefore being able to hold cities will guarantee your clan ranking because it is not easy to maintain and defend your cities.

Q: Help! I PMed you to list my clan and after a week we're still not listed!
A: Listing applications are reviewed by me once they are sent in. I don't know if you aren't lying, so I listen to Global and chat with friends to find out stuff about your clan. The process can take up to a week, but most applications will be resolved within a day or two. If you are not listed after a week, your application has most likely been rejected.

Q: Why did you reject my application?
A: There are myriad reasons for me to reject your listing application. Your clan may not be in good standing(blacklisted), your clan may not have met the listing requirements, your clan may be in exile, or your clan may be under some of the Conditions for Delisting, which automatically bars you from being listed.

Q: If my application is rejected, am I banned from ever being listed?
A: Of course...not ;3. Feel free to reapply after 10 days.

Q: What if i reapply before 10 days pass >:)?
A: I hate to say it, but your re-application will be ignored and you must wait another week to
reapply. Better to wait the ten days.

Q: Some of the delisting conditions seem permanent, like our clan leader being assassinated. Will we be permanently delisted?
A: Absolutely not. Your leader may PM me one week after the assassination to be relisted.
However, you will lose a rank before being relisted.

Q: Is there any way to prevent losing rank due to assassination?
A: There is one way. Your clan leader, and nobody else, must assassinate the player who killed him/her.
A successful "revenge assassination" will exempt your clan from losing one rank due to

Q: What about annhilation, destroyed bases, etc. ?
A: If your clan does not disband after the destruction, your leader may PM me ten days after your base is destroyed/your lands are annhilated to be relisted. Your clan will lose two ranks due to annhilation.

Q: Can we avoid this deranking?
A: Sadly, your clan cannot avoid being deranked due to annhilation.

Q: My clan is ranked at one star and we constantly lose wars and cities. Will we be deranked further, or will we be delisted?
A: No. If your clan is already ranked one star, your clan will not be deranked. Losing wars and cities is NOT grounds for delisting.

Q: My clan was recently disbanded, but I managed to revive it. Can I get us relisted?
A: Yes, your new leader may PM me at anytime after your clan's revival to be relisted.

Q: Why will we be delisted for inactiveness?
A: Inactiveness is often the first step towards disbanding. Inactive clans are also not considered to be "major" clans as most of their members are either no longer playing PK or play too infrequently.

Q: How can we get an Exempt status?
A: Something such as PK new age beta testing, vacation, overloading at school, or parental punishment constitutes grounds for delisting exemption.

Q: How can my leader tell you that he/she needs an exemption?
A: He/she can PM me a message on PK, or he/she can pop me an email at
WARNING: Before sending me an email requesting Exempt status, please include:
-Your PK InGame Name(IGN)
-The reason for your exemption request
Please have one of your PK clanmates shoot me a PM with the above information(PK IGN should be the leader's) notifying me of your email. Otherwise I will simply delete your email and your clan will be delisted.

Q: My clanmate forgot to tell you about my email, and now my clan's delisted. Can I get us relisted?
A: Your leader may PM me to be relisted. I will not, however, allow you to send me exemption requests via email. You get one chance with the email request-blow it and your done.

Q: Who in my clan can ask for Exemptions?
A: As I do not give Exemptions lightly, only your clan Leader, Creator, or the next person under him(usually the Sub-leader or Co-Leader) may request an Exemption. Subleaders and Coleaders may request only if the Leader or Creator is unable to send a request.

Q: And how will you know if we lied about the exemption request?
A: I will have a time constraint on the Exemption, usually 2 days up to one month, but exemptions may last longer. I will also seek confirmation from clanmates.

Q: How often may my clan request Exemptions?
A: To prevent the abuse of the Exemption system I created, one single clan(and I will know if your clan develops offspring) may be granted Exemption once every six months, but I will break this rule in a severe emergency(Parental punishment is a big one)

Q: If my clan branches off, can they request Exemption if we have already used our request?
A: No. The new clan is considered to still be connected to the main clan, and so can not request exemption if the main clan already has used the request.

Q: If the main clan is granted Exemption, will any branches be Exempted also?
A: Yes. Branched-off clans are considered still part of the main clan, and exemption will apply. However, if a branched-off clan requests its own particular listing, it will be considered as breaking from its parent clan.

Q: Why is my clan Blacklisted?
A: Your clan is obviously not in very good standing with the general community.

Q: Can I get my clan Un-blacklisted?
A: Yes. Removing offending members or persuading them to change their ways will get your clan off the blacklist.

Q: Once my clan is un-blacklisted, can we apply for a listing?
A: Yes, however the application process will take slightly longer because I must check to be sure your clan is in good standing with the community. The process for a recently un-blacklisted clan to be listed is probably about 4-5 days, but it may take up to ten days for me to reach a decision.

Q: How will I know if our application has been accepted or rejected?
A: Check on this topic after a week, or ten days if your clan was recently blacklisted.
If your clan is on the list, your application was accepted. If not, your application was rejected.

Q: Can I have my clan delisted voluntarily?
A: Yes, but you must PM or email me the reason why you want your clan delisted.
Once again, either PM me or have a clanmate PM me with your IGN notifying me of your email.
After being voluntarily delisted, your leader only must PM me if you would like your clan to be relisted.

Q: How often do you check your email for exemption or voluntary delisting requests?
A: I check almost every day; I will definitely get to your request in time.

Q: Oh no! My clan fits one or more of the Conditions for Delisting? Will we be taken off the list?
A: I will allow up to five days for your clan to fix the problem. After five days, if you still fit one or more of the conditions, your clan will be delisted.


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Re: The UNOFFICIAL PK clan list!

Post by FireKiller on Sun Nov 01, 2009 10:04 pm

More Q&A

Q: What do you mean by a merger?
A: A merger is when one clan incorporates everything from another clan(members mostly) into itself. Essentially, the two clans are consolidating into one big clan. The clan that has merged will be delisted as it is now considered dead. However I will modify the other clan's listing to reflect the merger.

Q: What are conditions that will prevent my clan from ever being on the list?
A: There aren't many ways to get yourself "permanently blacklisted."
Your clan can be blacklisted, your clan can be made up of @zzholez, your profession can be making idiotic noobs suffer and cry in pain, or you can just excessively p!ss me off along with the rest of the community. In cases of permanent blacklisting, i will give the clan an opportunity to get themselves off the hook. After that, any decisions I make on the status of the clan(s) to be permanently blacklisted will be FINAL.

Q: Why do I need to give in the application? Why cant you just give me an instant listing?
A: I pride myself on delivering to the PK community only the best of any clan lists on the forums. Therefore I must have an application process to weed out the clans that still need a little work, and those clans which are list-worthy.

Q: Im starting a new clan, and I want a little publicity. Can you assist me?
A: I am considering listing new clans, either here or on a seperate topic, on a temporary "New PK Clan List." If i follow through with th idea, all new clans that PM me would be entitled to three days of listing to help them gain recruits and such.


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Re: The UNOFFICIAL PK clan list!

Post by FireKiller on Mon Nov 02, 2009 6:12 pm

*Ranking Exemptions*
As Levinas has recently made me aware, not all PK clans have the resources or are unwilling to war for the sake of warring(and gaining some rank ;)).
Therefore, as of this moment, I am giving each PK clan currently listed, and all future listed clans, the choice. The choice is to be listed as a war clan or an anti-war clan.

Clans wishing to be listed as Anti-War Clans must PM me, otherwise I will assume your clan is a War Clan.
War Clans will have all War-related delisting conditions and ranking/deranking conditions apply to them. Being a War Clan DOES NOT mean your clan MUST war for the sake of warring-it simply means all war-related conditions of this list will apply to your clan. Anti-War Clans DO NOT have SOME war-related conditions apply to them. Minor battle-related conditions WILL apply(this includes raids and sieges)

A word of Warning: If your clan is known to be openly aggressive to others, with or without due cause, your clan will automatically be listed as a War Clan.
To change this listing, your clan leader must PM me.
In addition, your clan must not have warred within one month or ONLY gone to war in self-

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