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Re: Story Tellers

Post by {ฬ·ร}๔เгtү๔คภ™ on Wed Mar 06, 2013 6:33 pm

{₱k₱D}Plantation wrote:These are pretty good stories I'll try and write a few but being the grammar nazi I am, I noticed a few mistakes. Spell check goes a long way.

You would be driven CRAZY if I didn't have auto correct on for those stories. Btw, I have Android. Their spell check is almost always right.

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Re: Story Tellers

Post by {ฬ·ร}๔เгtү๔คภ™ on Wed Mar 06, 2013 6:44 pm

I'm going to make a long one

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The Story of Kyle: Part One

Post by {ฬ·ร}๔เгtү๔คภ™ on Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:54 pm

Kyle. 25 year old Kyle. Still in his prime. On top of the whole hunting game. But in secret, he owned 3/4ths of all the reapers and flakes in all the world, and stashed them in his privet museum and only admitted his city mate who who had fallen in love with, Samantha. Not only that, but he had convinced everyone that some sicko had gathered all of the previously mentioned swag and either burned or melted them, just to jack up the prices. But come on, when your rich and famous, everyone believes you. He formed a massive hunting group, and named it the Hunters from Above, and got half the gold everyone made. Not to mention his own. He had capped fire just about every imaginable gear. Yes, he was a multi billionaire. But did that slow down his affairs with Samantha? When you practically own the world you think you can do anything. However, he had a tragic end. It went more or less like this:

"Kyle!" called the Regiment Army Commander of the 46th Parallel (pun intended), who was running down the street of New Orleans. He had a big mustache, the kind you would see in those Draco Civil War movies from 16,264 Static. Right after the Orian Civil War of 16,258. Not to be confused by the Orian Civil War of 15,825. "Kyle! Where are you? Kyle!" The Commander had to take a break. He had been running all over New Orleans for 7 hours strait. He sat on one of the public benches outside someone's garrison post.

"What are you yelling about?" an old lady complained. "I haven't slept this good since 18,624 Static! (Static is the frame of time in the universe parallel to ours. Like A.D. and B.C.)

"I'm sorry ma'am," said the Commander. "But I am looking for Kyle, do you know him? See- he owns this house." He pulled out a territory map a pointed to his manor, which took up about 5 circles.

"No, I haven't seen him." said the old lady. "Unless you mean my cat." She went inside and brought out a ginger cat. "His name is Kyle. He basally owns most of my house."

The Commander moaned. "I don't have time for this, and left the old lady standing there with her cat struggling to get free.

"Skeleton 6, turn on some music."
A big lump of bones got up from it's chair and walked all the way across the manor (which is more than a Headball field. A traditional game of New Orleans in this universe.)
"Where is my music!" the man shouted. He was relaxing in his hot tub, where he would invite his friends over to have a fancy ball with him. But they weren't his real friends, they only liked the fact he was wealthy.
"Sorry master." the skeleton choked, and hurried up to turn the radio on.
"Skeleton 6, turn it to station 103.7. Ugh, I don't like this music. It pierces my ears with shards of pain. Turn it to something different. Skeleton 8, espresso, now."
"Yes master". another skeleton choked up. He went over to the coffee maker, and made the MSN his afternoon coffee. As the skeleton was bringing him his coffee, the man changed his mind.
"No, I want a glass of wine. That bottle we keep around in case we Samantha comes over. The Italian one."
The skeleton stopped in it's tracts, turned around, and put the coffee and it's tray down on the table. He got the bottle and opened it. Poured the wine in and brought it to his master.
"I can't drink this! You put too much wine in! I won't be able to taste the flavor!"
"Yes Kyle." it gargled.
"What did you just call me? I don't care. Skeleton 1 and 2. Bring my big axe.
Two skeletons came out of the pile of other skeletons and got Kyle's prised axe.
"My father gave this axe to me. As a boy, he said to me, 'Son, I don't know when or how you are going to use this axe, but you are going to need it.' He died a week later. That taught me a valuable lesson." He looked toward skeleton 8. "Do you know what that lesson is?"
"What?" coughed them all, at different times.
"Never be afraid to take chances." Kyle then raised his axe, and swung it across skeleton 8's neck, severing his head from his body. None of the skeletons made a reaction. They just cleaned up the remains of their brother and got on with tolerating their master.
"Skeleton 15 you're now skeleton 8!"
He heard someone banging on the door. They were 15 feet tall and 6 feet wide. "Kyle! Are you home? Kyle!" The knocking continued.
"Go away! Let me resume with my life. I don't want any of your cookies, I thought I made that clear the last time!" He opened the door to see the Commander of the 46th Parallel at his door.
"Commander! How may I help you?
Panting, the commander handed Kyle an envelope. It's from the King."
"Of?" Kyle asked.
"I don't know, all it said was King on there."
"Thanks." said Kyle ungratefully. He went back to his hot tub and opened the letter. It said:



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The Story of Kyle: Part Two

Post by {ฬ·ร}๔เгtү๔คภ™ on Thu Mar 07, 2013 6:48 am

Kyle was waiting at the door of King's mansion. Whoever he is. It felt like it was taking 30 Eirics. (Like our minutes, but shorter than them.)
"King, come out!" he yelled.
"I'm sorry, sir." called a butler while opening the door. A man ina butler outfit came out and greeted Kyle. He led them inside. In the mansion, there were many luxuries. A hot tub twice the size of his in the center, a roc nog bar, a pile of gold in the far left corner. But kyle couldn't stop staring at the hot tub. The butler opened up a door and led Kyle through.
"Ah! You must be Kyle!" Said a man lying on his heart bed.
"And you?" responded Kyle while walking toward him.
"King. But you can call me Fredrick. Arnold, you are dismissed."
Arnold, the butler, bowed and left the room. Closing the door behind him.
"Have you heard of the Great Khaothul?" asked King.
"No, who is he?"
"Not he- it."
"Is Khaothul a monster?"
"He is more than a monster. He is the leader oftge City of Aquaria." explained King. He went on to tell how the Great Khaothul was once the leader of the City of Aquaria, and how a scientific experimentation led to the corruption of the citizens, Aquarians. They were now Corrupt Ones. This was an infections disease that spread just by touching the Aquarians. The Great Khaothul thought he was immune to this infection. But he himself became corrupted. The Great Khaothul is now known as just Khaothul. He used his generals at his disposal to seek and destroy any and all rebel Aquarians still in the city. Those rebels were able to lock up Khaothul in his dungeon.
"That's a nice story," said Kyle, "but why do you need me?"
"Because," responded Fredrick, "I have never heard of a better hunter than you. I need you to go and kill Khaothul before he breaks out on the City if Aquaria and destroys the world!"
"Alright. I'll go round up my hunting group, and we'll go kill this guy."
"No." said Fredrick. "I need you to go solo. A group would draw too much attention in the city. But a lone man can easily sneak in, destroy the leader, and get out. So, I am assigning you with this job. And a one million gold reward."
"What? Only 1 million? That's nothing!"
"How about my hot tub?"
Kyle's eyes lit up. "Ok! I'll go right. Now! Where is the City of Aquaria?"
"It is out by Australia. On the east side by Sydney. Unfortunately, it's in the water. You'll have to swim about a mile out."
Fredrick barely had time to hear him finish his sentence as he was running out the door.

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Re: Story Tellers

Post by Matt.Guide.Editor on Mon Mar 11, 2013 10:33 am

Though not a story of your type I wish to document Pks story in the form of my Timeline page!

Got pics or screenshots of major pk events? Want to be part of a major guide timeline project? Want to be listed as a source? Pm me for details or find me in help chat in game!

It's an exiting new project I'm running to document all of pks history and also the longest. So to speed things up I would appreciate any support. :) just upload them on the web and let me know where I can find them. I can grab the URL, whack it into the guide and bingo! You assisted in creating a historic document! :o

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Re: Story Tellers

Post by Benman2244 on Tue Mar 12, 2013 5:05 pm

I was sleeping in my city house one night, when I heard a distant rumble. I didn't think much of it so I went back to sleep. Then I heard a Boom Boom Boom, then a scream rang threw my ears. I got up put on my boots, and grabbed my Capped honed spear. I ran out to see one of my city towers burning! What, what can this be? Then another boom rang through my ears. I run for my city center hoping to find news there. I ran past a tower to see 2 men fighting. Soon the smaller man was slashed in the neck with a dagger.
BOOM BOOM BOOM! Siege where everywhere! I ran still for my city center. When I reached there, I saw it burnin and siege a blazin' I fell to my knees and weeped. Ever since I was Level 0 this had been my city, now it was burning. Then a tall man tapped me on the back , and said, "Don't worry son, will build a new city if we must." Then I got up, and watched my city fade away. I cried 7 days and 7 nights. I watched them rebuild my city, but I knew it'd never be the same.

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The Story of Kyle: Part 3

Post by {ฬ·ร}๔เгtү๔คภ™ on Mon Apr 01, 2013 9:28 am

"Skeleton 13, where is my Roc?" asked Kyle.
The skeleton stopped sweeping the spotless floor and pointed to a door. Kyle started running towards it. He mounted his Roc, and left. He only told his skeletons: "If I see one spec of dirt when I'm back, I'll kill you all for the second time." And he was off!
His Roc seemed to be going a bit slow, but that didn't matter. He was flying over Florida now. He looked down and saw the Tower of the Golem that he and Max had run several months ago. He lost Max, due to a net that had accidentally landed on him. Kyle had mistaken him for a Stone Hunter. But it turns out that the Stone Hunter killed Max while he was trapped. Kyle began to cry. But he told himself he wouldn't do that. Now they were over South Africa. Just a little farther.
When he finally arrived in Sydney, he had no idea what to do or where to go. All Frederick had said was to swim out a mile off shore. He asked a man in his mid 20's where the beach was. He pointed Kyle in the right direction. The streets here were huge. Much larger than New Orleans'. He started heading toward the shore when he passed a Tavern. He heard a fight going on. Kyle had always liked to see people fighting. Even better if he was involved. He walked in and saw 2 guys brawling. One on the left with brown hair, and the one on the right with red. It seemed like they would never end fighting! Kyle got a drink of Berry Punch, which refreshed him significantly. He had forgotten how thirsty he was. Finally, someone had won the match. It was the red head. He ess handed 10k gold from the Tavern Owner. The red head walked up to Kyle. "Well I know you!" He said. "You're that Stag farmer, over in Utah!"
"No, I'm from New Orleans," responded Kyle. "That was a good fight you won! What's your name?"
"I'm Luke! And what's yours?"
"Well nice to meet you Kyle! What's a guy from New Orleans doing out in Australia?"
"I'm on a mission to slay the Great Khaothul."
"The Great Khaothul..." Luke stared off in the distance. Stared off past Kyle as if he couldn't see him. "Haven't heard of him. What did he do?"
"This place is a bit loud," said Kyle, "we should go outside and talk about this."
Luke followed Kyle outside the Tavern and around the corner. A man in a dark robe walked by and shoved Kyle aside. Kyle didn't mind. He was probably just another hateful man on the streets.
The duo went inside a house that looked empty. "The Great Khaothul was once the ruler of the city of Aquaria." Kyle went on to tell how the Great Khaothul was once the leader of the City of Aquaria, and how a scientific experimentation led to the corruption of the citizens, Aquarians. They were now Corrupt Ones. This was an infections disease that spread just by touching the Aquarians. The Great Khaothul thought he was immune to this infection. But he himself became corrupted. He used his generals at his disposal to seek and destroy any and all rebel Aquarians still in the city. Those rebels were able to lock up Khaothul in his dungeon. Those chains were the only things keeping him down and preventing destruction of the world.
"I see," said Luke, "good luck trying to kill him. I mean it. I've lost many friends, killed by the Troodent King. They all thought they could take him alone. I hope you don't make the same mistake." Luke looked down at his feet remembering all the good times he had with his friends. "I best be going," Luke said after a long silence. He was moving towards the door and was about to open it. But instead, he said, "Could I come with you on your quest?"
Kyle had a strait faces and looked off to the right, although there was nothing but wall to stare at. "Sure," Kyle said as a sigh, "You can come along.

By sundown, Kyle and Luke had gathered 3 other people. John, Daniel, and Emiy. They were gathered around at the ocean. The waves were soothing to everyone.
"What are we going to do again?" asked Daniel. "Are we going to sto in there and kill everything, or are we sneaking in and killing Khaothul only?"
"Daniel, it's simple," replied Emily. "We go and kill Khaothul and all who try to stop us."
"Ok, ok. I got it now," said Daniel. "But how do we get there? King said it was a mile out, right?"
Kyle looked at all of them. "I think we should build some sort of raft and paddle out of wood, silk, and fern sap to hold it together."
So that's what they did. John chopped the wood, Emily got the sap, and Luke got the silk. John and Kyle stayed and tried spotting where the city was.
"There it is!" said John. "I see it!"

The next morning, they built the raft and set out. When the group reached the Sunken City, they tied the raft to a pole using some left over silk as a rope. They landed on the roof of a building and found an opening into the former city of Aquaria.
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Re: Story Tellers

Post by {ฬ·ร}๔เгtү๔คภ™ on Tue Apr 02, 2013 7:25 am

Kyle, Luke, Emily, John, and Daniel went inside the city. This room was empty. No one inside it. Only a statue of Khaothul made of stone. It's eyes seemed to be watching them as they passed by it. The next room was different. Several crawlers and a lilly or 2. They killed them with ease. The next room was no different. Then, they walked through a door and noticed there were 3 ways they could go.
"Which way? What did King say?" asked Daniel. He started walking around the room.
"Daniel," said John, "is worrying to only thing you do?"
"Hush," commanded Luke. "We are not here to argue. Remember, we need to be silent."
After a few moments, Kyle said, "Left. Let's go left."
So the 5 adventurers headed towards the left door. What they saw disgusted them. When they heard the description of the Corrupt ones, they imagined it would be bad. But not like this. They had slimy tentacles, blood shot eyes, something oozing out of their mouths, and they were chasing towards the humans with lightning speed. John got his spear out of it's sheath and stabbed one of the Corrupt Ones. Dark blood came squirting out as he ran away. John stamped his foot on the ground as a taunt to all near by Corrupt Ones. Emily joined in, beating them with her favorite staff. Most of the evil creatures had gashes and bruises all over themselves when Emily was done with them. John decapitated a Corrupt One that was struggling for life.
"Well done!" Kyle said, even though he took no part in it. "Let's keep moving!"
This happened for 2 more rooms.
"This is too easy!" said Daniel. "We'll get to Khaothul in no time!" He thought this until the next room. "What is that?" A small little thing the size of a turkey was standing near a portal. "I got this," said Daniel. He drew his axe out of his back pack and was about to swing it on the poor creature when suddenly, Corrupt One grabbed his axe. "Hey! Give that back!" he yelled. In response, they snapped it in half. "Where did you come from?" Daniel asked out loud. More of them appeared out of no where! Daniel began running back to the main group. He had that, he said. He would kill it, he said. Luke pulled out a blow dart and shot a dart strait into the chest of one of many of the Corrupted Aquarians. There were too many of them.
"Quick! Into the portal!" Said Kyle. Everyone did as he said. When they got through, they saw Aquarians staring at them.
"Who are you?" asked one of them in a strange voice.
Kyle introduced themselves, and told them about their purposes here.
"You shouldn't be here," responded one of the Aquarians. "We've been trying for months to kill Khaothul, but no one has ever succeeded."
"Well, we are going to kill him," said Emily.
The Aquarians started murmuring in an unknown language. The first one said: "It is 57 Duttin. (Hours in this parallel universe.) You should spend the night here."
It went like this for the next three days. They met statues that turned to life behind their backs, oozing puddles of black blobs crawling on the floor that were almost impossible to kill, things that could control time and space at will, and the weirdest things any adventurer had ever seen before! The Hydrolith, a fat version of the Corrupt One with lengthy tentacles, was really tricky. It seemed that only Luke was able to do significant damage without running all over the place. The Hydrolith would wrap them in his tentacles and hold them in place while he hid like a coward. Eventually, he would die, but not without doing some sort of damage.
Khaothul. The Great Khaothul. Evil has never seen a more perfect face before. It was a pitiful site. Watching the poor creature struggle with moving. It was like watching a wounded zombie trying to run. It can't. Regardless, this foe was the strongest of all. Even though it was bound by iron chains, it posed a huge threat.
"Guys, look!" said John. "It's Khaothul!"
They started walking toward the entrance of his dark room. If you have ever run a Sunken City before, you would know how to describe him.
"Be quiet!" Luke said in a whisper.
Emily who was a master at stealth, walked in on the creature. Its heavy breathing was a big distraction. She almost couldn't concentrate.
"Hey! Khaothul!" She yelled next to him. Khaothul looked at her with rage, and started moving franticly to gobble her up in one swift bight. Luke got out his blow dart and shot Khaothul in the eye. Letting out a roar, he started moving back. But regained his ground shortly after. The other 3 joined in the fight. Kyle had his sword and was slashing away black-red blood covered his face as he was yelling. Daniel had his axe and was chopping at Khaothul's beefy tentacles with little use. And John? Well, he was too afraid to fight Khaothul. "Look out!" He said to Kyle.
Kyle looked up and saw a tentacle flying towards him. He had no time to duck, as it hit him square in the stomach, launching him across the room. Kyle got up, and started running to Khaothul, sword in hand, when two corrupt ones came in, rushing towards the chains that bound Khaothul.
"Kill them!" someone said as they were unlatching their ruler from captivity.
John charged one of them and cut his spear clean through their side, killing it instantly. He got his spear out of the dead creature, and thrust it into the other one. Only this time, they heard a human yelp with pain.
"Kyle!" Said Luke suddenly. He rushed behind the second monster. It turns out, Kyle had stood right where John had thrown his spear. It went past the Corrupt One and into Kyle. Blood was drooling from his lips and wound that was buried deep in his chest. John took the spear out and kneeled down to be at Kyle's side, too. Emily and Daniel were still fighting Khaothul.
"T- take me out of this place," Kyle stammered. They dragged Kyle out of the Sunken City and on to the makeshift raft they had made a few days ago. They set off back to Australia. Behind them, they heard rock breaking and buildings falling as an attempt of Khaothul to escape the city. The whole city of Aquaria crumbled as they were set a drift. They could hear Khaothul struggling to swim up to the surface with no success.
"Luke," Kyle whispered with his final breath, "go kill that crazy fish." And just like that, Kyle died. Head hung down, body limp, blood everywhere, and a dead man. Yes sir. That's how it happened.

                  AFTER MATH

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Re: Story Tellers

Post by {ฬ·ร}๔เгtү๔คภ™ on Tue Apr 02, 2013 7:32 am

Ty all who read that story! :D

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Re: Story Tellers

Post by {ฬ·ร}๔เгtү๔คภ™ on Tue Apr 02, 2013 10:37 am



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