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Looking for 420 friendly Recruits

Post by [฿ʟ◎η∂їεVøηSlαυ❡htεя] on Tue Mar 27, 2012 9:26 am

Looking for lvl 10 or higher players that want to join a fun and active kd. We are peaceful no warring. We r a kd of friends that work together to meet our goals. We like to hunt together so if u like hunting groups this is kd for u. Also have lots of caverns/dojos and a few nests and a grobe on kd land. MAIN kd members are all high lvl and very experienced so if ur still new u will be able to recieve lots of help and tips from us. Please PM me or my husband, emasee, for more info.

We are not looking for war so if thats ur style - do not apply please.

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