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Rivendell laws

Post by Timus on Wed Feb 29, 2012 6:21 pm

Rivendell is a peaceful kingdom and (at the moment) PKs 8th largest. We are always seeking friendly players who wish to join us. I am posting our laws in the hopes that they are helpful for other kingdoms as well. I know that these laws are not appropriate for all kingdoms, and many players prefer less regulations. I would like to hear feedback.

Section I: Duties
1. Do not invite outside players to Rivendell.
2. Never mention the real world location of Rivendell or give anyone maps that reveal its location.
3. Contribute resources to the warehouse. The resources crucial for the development of Rivendell are brick, crystal, and crude oil. Brick and crystal cannot be purchased at trade posts. Brick has no use aside from growing kingdoms and is the most important kingdom resource. Brick is gained by hunting on kingdom land and can be bought every 22 hours by tapping the castle. More bricks are earned when hunting near obelisks, and large creatures like magnathere and dragons are worth more bricks than small creatures like crawlers and stags. Crystal can be gained by gathering at crystal huts built in your city and by hunting gargoyles in Europe.
4. Do not do any damage to Rivendell structures.
5. Do not rebel from Rivendell.
6. Do not scam and avoid starting trouble with other players. Avoid drawing negative attention to Rivendell.
7. Help fellow Rivendell members by doing things like giving friendly advice, selling at reasonable prices, sharing estates, and group hunting.
8. Do not destroy or chop down Rivendell's decorations.
9. Do not build houses, warcamps, or any other visitable structures in Rivendell without permission.
10. Turn on kingdom chat. Though kingdom chat is not closely censored, try to be considerate toward other kingdom members.
11. Do not block me. It makes sending important kingdom information impossible.
12. Do not bring siege or firebomb golems into Rivendell without permission.
13. Do not reply to the "Rivendell Laws" or to the "Suggestions For Noobs" threads (unless in the latter case you are an advanced player with a good suggestion).

Section II: Rights
1. Access to all of Rivendell's hunting grounds and dungeons.
2. Access to all available maps of dungeons and territories.
3. Any item can be crafted for you if you have the required materials.
4. Free banking in units of 200k. Ask me if you want me to hold gold. Donations to keep our banker happy are appreciated.
5. Friendly advice from me and other Rivendell members. Always feel free to ask any questions.
6. Use of Rivendell to plant/tend/chop any trees, mine, hunt, gather, and decorate all you want.
7. Combat golems can be garrisoned and used to hunt on Rivendell land.
8. For each acceptable new recruit to Rivendell the recruiter will receive 20k gold. The recruit must first remain active in the kingdom for 3 weeks.

Section III: Other Stuff
1. If a member goes inactive for more than two weeks, they will be kicked from Rivendell. An active group of members is good for kingdom moral. Members kicked for inactivity are welcome back if they chose to return.
2. Rivendell is a peaceful hunting sanctuary. We avoid war and personal skirmishes. Let me know if you are attacked by a relentless adversary.
3. I reserve the right to tax bricks, and do so periodically since people forget to donate. The bricks have no purpose other than improving the kingdom and your weekly brick scores can be viewed on the kingdom profile, so there is no harm in me removing your bricks.
4. If you would like more responsibilities in Rivendell there are a few things you can do. You can sponsor brick competitions with prizes to encourage other members to earn more bricks. You can be creative and put together treasure hunts using clues, maps, signs, and buried treasures. You can work as a recruiter. You can be a trainer of new players. Advanced players can also donate other resources to the warehouse for kingdom use.
5. Peaceful kingdoms are not for everyone. If you find that Rivendell is too mellow for you, I can refer trusted members to a more aggressive kingdom.
6. I am always open to suggestions on how to change and improve Rivendell.

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