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Join Kingdom and/or City

Post by Deathly on Sat Oct 15, 2011 5:06 pm

You should Join my kingdom and City if you do and tell me this code: "geko" you will get 1000 gold from me after you join anyone can join :) .

Joining My Kingdom
1. To join my kingdom press menu at the bottom of of the screen then player and in the search bar at the top type Deathly and the player that's name is spealt exactly like that is me

2. Select me and the select my kingdom in the info of my profile

3. Then you should have the kingdom info in-front of you hit the red arrow at the top of the screen and hit join kingdom
(Please hunt on kingdom land it gives bricks which makes the kingdom better)

Joining My City
1. Steps one is the same as step one for joining the kingdom

2. Then when viewing my profile hit the red arrow at the top of the screen, hit send message

3. Send a message saying I want to join you city and I will get you a invite

4. Then you will build a house on city land to become a member of my city
(You can only be a member of one city so don't build your city house anywhere until you can build it at my city)

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