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[C•N] colonial marines

Post by ~Krazy~ on Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:14 am

Colonial marines are looking for active players to join our kingdom is not primaraly a war kimgdom nor is it judt hunters and gatherers we want a well rounded kimgdom one who is known that will and can war but also one that is big and respected we will train all members in pvp war tactic and general hunting methods how to make gold and will provide a great inviorment for all our members this kingdom is,not a dictator ship every one has a say its up to the members to speek up if,they want chamge all ideas are welcom in how we can,help the,kingdom and further our influence and grow and be great friends please contact me or reply to this and I will do backround,checks on all members who wish,to join just for my kingdoms safty

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