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City Coin Competition

Post by 圖Λ圖⊙δhafτ⊙ on Mon Sep 05, 2011 4:25 pm

*Not to be used in conjunction with any previous offers by myself or the city of Morayfield, Australia*

Morayfield, Australia is running a city coin generation competition.

The winner - Most city coins generated for morayfield, NEXT PK week.

The Prize - A CITY KEY, enabling free travel, to an exotic location on a different continent to Australia.

To enter - Join Morayfield by building a city house within city boundaries and build wells, chop, gather, hunt, mine - whatever it takes to beat the competition and achieve the highest number of city coins generated.


Being adjudicator for this event I shall not be eligible to compete.

I shall do my utmost to be online at the end of the week but it may not be possible because i also try to have a life. Should I not be around at this time the winner will be the city member with the most coins generated at the last moment prior to the end of the week that i witness (most likely within a couple of hours of the deadline). In the meantime i will try to find out if i can get a definite total at the point of changeover.

In the event of a tie, all tied city members will receive a key.

My decision will be final.

Ok folks, feel free to join morayfield and get gathering coins. Please construct your city home to the south of the city centre as the northern side is to be used for city building improvements, with a sewer being first on the list in the next few days (we already have a refinery).

Please add your intention to compete below...

World: Horizons

Re: City Coin Competition

Post by 圖Λ圖⊙δhafτ⊙ on Thu Sep 15, 2011 7:41 pm

This competition has gone off with a bang. We managed to obtain a sewer just before the week began and have since added a market & troll embassy. It has been so successful that i am fighting for my position as mayor. Just two days to go!

With the new week, Morayfield will return to recruiting and expanding with future competitions ahead. If you would like to join an active city in Australia, please grab me in game. I'm more than willing to help out where i can, as i have with others.

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