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Re: Parallel Kingdom's Farewell

Post by Agents_of_fortune on Fri Sep 30, 2016 7:13 pm

PK has been with me during my Darkest hours and greatest achievements in RL. Divorce, Masters Degree, work, travel - PK has always been there for me to escape the real world for moments at a time.
It has allowed me to explore the world vicariously as I travelled its realms. I have followed memorable childhood trips my parents took me on to the West, I have flagged road trips I have taken as an adult. In PK, I have travelled to almost every country in the world. I've flagged the Pacific Crest trail, Continental divide trail and am working on the Appalachian trail. Perhaps, some day in Real life, I shall hike one of these great trails, or travel to one of these remote outposts.
I have met many great people along the way and will miss every one of you. As this world comes to an end, I will be here until the very last moment, exploring and dreaming about a day where I can be free as I am here.
And to you PerBlue, thank you for keeping this enviroment up and running for as long has you have.

Open sourcing the code would be a great option, perhaps a group of us can continue the PK world elsewhere.
I will truly miss you PK, and Fondly remember you.

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Re: Parallel Kingdom's Farewell

Post by Bubble.Rap on Fri Sep 30, 2016 7:24 pm

i would defently play a pk 2. per blue ran a good game. tbh if they didnt give up in the end. pk would still be full of active and plat members and etc. but ya i had fun guys and ill miss yall tbh. but i hope to see a pk2

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Re: Parallel Kingdom's Farewell

Post by [Hobos]Rox★ on Fri Sep 30, 2016 9:55 pm

Well i can't even read the update because i was at work and i haven't been able to sign on for at least 4 hours. sigh

At least make the last 31 days playable :(

I'm just wondering though. Why bother with events when all they do is increase mats which nobody really has a use for, and definitely won't by November 1. Unless it's for the "experience?"

I'll probably spend my last weeks just chatting, everything else seems pointless. Assuming i can sign on, of course.

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Re: Parallel Kingdom's Farewell

Post by [Hobos]Rox★ on Fri Sep 30, 2016 10:15 pm

I agree with agents. I used this game for virtual travel and have been all over the pk world. It's been fun and educational, and the reason i have played pk for 5 1/2 years. I will definitely miss that most.

It was always a challenge trying to get places with little passage, and i failed getting to my destination a few times, but hey, it's the journey, right? No other game I've seen is like pk, and it's the reason I'm here till the end.

I won't miss the lag, but I'll miss my very special keys. :'(

Now, if i could just sign on. Sigh!

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Re: Parallel Kingdom's Farewell

Post by Cole0 on Fri Sep 30, 2016 10:19 pm

Reading this actually made me cry... For over 5 years this game has been my outlet. I have met so many wonderful people here... And now i have to just say goodbye... There is no other game like PK! It is the only game I logon to everyday... Its the only phone game I play... Soon to be a distant memory... No sleep for me tonight. Literally been the only thing on my mind since I read the "Update". I just wish their was a way we could keep it up. Like a go fund me page. If we cant keep this PK running, lets make a new one? Im perfectly fine with restarting! This is the only sandbox game that has what PK has to offer! Its not about the swag, the gold, etc. Its about the community... I remember when the Prisons came out and we all had so many people on our invite for the event that most of us kept getting locked out because the servers couldnt keep up lol. I just... dont know what to say... Farewell? I just cant... I dont have a game to replace PK, believe me, iv looked. What will I do now... To all the friends iv made over the years:
Thank You, for everything. Thanks for the hat race help, the kind gifts, the late night hunting and chatting, and everything else!
So sad the good times must end... I guess ill end here, the tears are making it hard to type...

~PK Vet
~PK Friend
~PK Life

To my friends: My kik is 0Coalex0
if you need me please kik me!
Love you guys so much :(

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Re: Parallel Kingdom's Farewell

Post by duke_de_Pomme_frites on Sat Oct 01, 2016 1:03 am

I think we should all meet up on top of Everest for PKgeddon. Or all join one massive kingdom.

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Re: Parallel Kingdom's Farewell

Post by ☣อεςλγ☣ on Sat Oct 01, 2016 2:19 am

I'm sure that the news we received today has been hard for all of us especially those like me that have been playing this game for several years.. October 10 2010 I started my first account.. Noob as could be just checking out a game that offered free currency for another game.. Little did I know that I was hooked then and there the one thing that probably hurts the most is the uniqueness of parallel kingdom.. There has never been or never will be a game quite like parallel kingdom.. I've been through several milestones in my life during the time I've played this game and no matter what happened I came back to parallel kingdom.. Those that know me probably know that my second account start name was "pkjunkie" and it's never been truer. I will miss this game more than I miss some of my own kin it's been a part of my daily life for nearly 5 years. To those I never got to meet and the enemies on the other side of the alliance I was in sorry I couldn't have met you.. Those of you that did meet me thank you for being a part of this awesome experience! Those of you close to me you know how to contact me. If we find a replacement game that's going to be awesome! If not don't be strangers!!!! Perblue.. You suck balls! The money you wasted on garbage games could have been invested into the one that steam rolled it all! But that's just my opinion. Farewell parallel kingdom! You'll never be forgotten.. I'll be telling pk stories to my grandchildren I promise you that... You will be missed!

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Re: Parallel Kingdom's Farewell

Post by CaptainMeat on Sat Oct 01, 2016 2:37 am

As a compulsive hoarder, this is breaking me. I have spent many years just collecting stuff and it's like the council have high court bailiffs knocking at my door and clearing me out.
I have met some real generous people on here and some utter bas@@@ds! Lol
I will have to screen shot my house and hang it up in memory of a great escape from realism.
Thank you for a great time Perblue, you will be sadly missed.
The bailiffs are coming!

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Re: Parallel Kingdom's Farewell

Post by Riaflet1 on Sat Oct 01, 2016 3:13 am

I introduced my daughter to this game a few ywars back. She loved it. She also met a guy in the game. September 4, 2016 I gave her hand in narraige to that guy, now my son. Thanks PK you won't be forgotten.

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Re: Parallel Kingdom's Farewell

Post by [ø℘]•βέαδτmσθε• on Sat Oct 01, 2016 4:00 am

Its been a great ride per blue I love all of pk u know I didn't believe it was going down but I guess this is it plz per blue make another game like this with dupers :)


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