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Rings, Noobs, Trade Tax, Etc.

Post by [wσw]◇ѕєνєη◇[Hobos] on Fri Apr 25, 2014 10:16 am

Good afternoon,

A. Ring suggestions:

1) It would be exceptionally helpful if we had an option in which we could
select multiple rings and dump at one time. (*with a confirmation prompt*)
It took my kingdom member several hours to dump his rings and he wasn't
able to pick up more until he dumped some.

2) Most players don't want to polish any rings whatsoever because of the
much higher chance to get a worthless ring. 35 ring shards is a very poor
return rate for 25 or 50 food. I think more people would be less shy about
polishing rings if there were an option to dump a polished ring for food,
such as 50-75% of the polish food cost returned.

3) Alternative uses for ring shards other than just crafting more jewelry would be neato.

B. Noob suggestions:

1) Players downloading this game for virtual payment in another game should
be required to submit a report on their mentor and reach a certain level
before receiving their virtual currency. They download and verify email,
then never give the game a chance.

2) Noobs need more help starting out, they get overwhelmed and also
dissapointed with the lack of options and resources they have. They really
need more than the small amount of gold and food given to them and the noob

3) Alt accounts are becoming more prevalent and more obvious, yet I see a lot
of them not are getting banned or fined. It makes veteran players trust noobs even less
and it abuses the system as they usually have unsavory intentions and they
milk the free food.

C. Trade Post

1) The increased tax on the main trade post has killed Pk trade, that hits
new players the hardest. Veteran players are now more apt to hoard instead
of sell, and if they do sell most use trading chat. Noobs cannot use
trading chat because it's just not noob friendly in any way. They either
can't buy or sell anything because no one knows them, or they get scammed
for the little bit they worked to accumulate. If they travel to Happy
Valley they will see an insanely limited selection of gear with prices that
will look impossible to them to ever afford. It would be fabulous if the tax returned to its rate before the change.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider. Have a super day.

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Re: Rings, Noobs, Trade Tax, Etc.

Post by {ฬ·ร}๔เгtү๔คภ™ on Sat Apr 26, 2014 9:04 pm

Unpolished rings could be dumped for shads and polished rings coildnbe dumped for food. However, it'll drive the price of monster stat/good stat rings up because of the food dump they could receive...

Other than that, these are great ideas, but don't and everything to a noob on a silver platter. Get him through an extended, maybe even optional, tutorial that shows him how to make gold faster.

BTW, I was one of those who downloaded the game just for coins in another game, Hapie Kingdom. Haven't played it since.

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Re: Rings, Noobs, Trade Tax, Etc.

Post by KingoFutura on Mon Jun 09, 2014 10:48 am

#1 mentors should be active within the last 12 hours before a mentee is assigned to them.

#2 mentees should be required to message the mentor back in order to receive there tapjoy bonus.

#3 mentees should also be required to make level 3 before receiving their bonus

#4 all players after level 3 should receive a small bonus of materials for each level they make. Could be as simple as 30 wood for level 4, 15 stone for level 5 etcetera etcetera.

#5 have a short simple questionnaire for the mentor to fill out of the type of mentee they are looking to teach. should only be three to five questions.

#6 have the same questionnaire for the mentee.

#7 have a system if the mentor does not respond within a set amount of time a new mentor is assigned or be assigned to 3 mentors and first mentor to respond is assigned the mentee.

#8 have a system if the mentee does not feel they have a mentor that is doing a good job they can be reassigned a new mentor.

#9 have a way to delete inactive mentees and deleted mentee accounts from mentor list.

#10 have a way a mentor can be unassigned from an active mentee or transfer the mentee to a different mentor.

These are the only suggestions I can think of at the moment. I believe the whole point of the mentorship program is player retention. And, we all know that player retention means more money for the powers that be, and more money translates to better service.

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