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PC: Level 7 KD with SC and more

Post by {ƒαtα£}Ñ€WT™ on Mon Nov 17, 2014 10:49 am

I am trying to figure out what a Level 7 KD with a warehouse, skydock, embassy, and archive (with Small Patrol perk) is worth. It currently only has 110 flags/towers/obelisks, but has plenty of room to grow in its fairly remote location. As the title says there is a coastal SC with a level 3 (or maybe 4 I can't remember for sure) obelisk. Speaking of dungeons, it has at least one of each kind except for a Dragon Lair, but I am sure there is one close by I just haven't found yet. Currently it has about 24-25k bricks between what is in the warehouse and what I am holding. ... domid=4108

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Re: PC: Level 7 KD with SC and more

Post by ØRC✨PK✨GOD✨ on Thu Sep 01, 2016 6:21 am


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