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noob guide

Post by [ℜaid]★Munch★[Lead] on Mon Aug 12, 2013 4:08 am

I think this is right spot to post a guide so I thought id post one of my early experience. When you first start out just jump round and chop wood until you have about 150, then sell it for about 40k to buy yourself a dead metal weapon, this will keep you strong with skellys for a bit. Continue to chop wood and sell in groups of 150 then buy food to level up. When you reach level 5 I believe, you can get troodont doctrine. This will allow you to se mines outside your circle. simply mine stone and ore or continue to chop bulk wood until you reach level 10. when you hit level 10 sell a little bit of materials and get a airship. After getting an airship your ready to make tons of money. Simply keep about 10k gold for fuel and collect elements from clouds. Then go to a refinery and get storm rods since they sell best. by the time you spend your 10k gold on fuel you should have about 50-80 storm rods or gale they sell ok. sell them 1k per. If you cant find a player who will pay 1k per ask me and il hook you just like that you made 50-80k gold andonly spent 10k o fuel. after the rod sell repeat and you can have millions in no time.

Hope tis helped!!

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