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Current Guide Projects

Post by GoodAsGould on Mon Sep 10, 2012 6:31 am

Seeing as there as been a lot of things going on in the guide, I'm making this post so we can list what's being worked on, and how to help. That way any projects that have things needed can have other editors help if they have any free time or feel like it. (:
If there are any other projects being worked on just PM me or write it in a forum reply!

PS - A lot of the guide editors have been really active, goodjob and thank you c:

Category and Individual Pages for all Spec Items
We're currently creating and adding all the Spec Item pages into this category. All the weapons/armour look done. So it's the hats, houses, and exterior/interior decorations. The current full page for the Spec Decorations is here. There is also a full list of the spec items here, but it's missing some names.
Template for Spec Items:

Wanted Poster
{{Template:SpecItem||150|150|Exterior Decoration|[[Assassin Training|Assassin]]}}

Automatically adds it to Category:Specialization_Items
If you want to add other categories to it, you'll have to manual do it.

Limited Edition Hats, Decorations and More
Going through the Limited Edition Events and creating/adding all the pages.
So create the page, then on the Event's page make the title a link.
Template for the Hats/Accessories is this


so for example, Uncle Sam Hat
{{Template:HeadSwag||525|Hat|PK Wants You! And you'll want this stunning hat decked out in the Stars and Stripes. Get recruitin'!|Independence Day 2010}}

No template for the Decorations yet, just look at the code of another decoration and the things to fit.

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World: Legends
Gold: 12323
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Posts: 2162
Joined: Mon Oct 18, 2010 1:56 pm

Re: Current Guide Projects

Post by GoodAsGould on Wed Dec 12, 2012 3:39 pm

Reorganization of Category:Items
As according to the discussion/poll here, we're going to reorganize the Items category.
The large number of items found in PK becomes larger with every Limited Edition Event. Which has caused the items list to have 2 pages, as they split into sets of 200. Subcategories only appear on the page if there is an item concerning it. Which is why the Tokens subcategory can only be seen on page two, among other examples. The list also looks really cluttered in my opinion. So I think we should change how we deal with this page to find a better system for it.

I have one idea, but we can go with whatever is agreed upon.

I think we should remove all the Decorations, and Limited Edition swag items, out of the category. Leaving them only in the subcategories. That way the Items page is just the real useful items in the game. Leaving out aesthetic items.
Of course some of the subcategories may need to be expanded and redone so they're most efficient. Such as Decorations having subcategories for the different craftable options, like Diamonds Decorations. Ect.


Remove Craftable Decorations from Items category, and add them to the new Category:Craftable Decorations. - This has been done, so I think for each type of decoration, Pearl, Ruby, ect, there should be a full page, similar to how swag events are done. Example page, Amethyst Decorations

Remove limited edition equipments out of the Category:Items. Make sure they're all in the categories they should be in.

A lot of limited edition decorations need to be tagged as Category:Exterior_Decorations or Category:Interior_Decorations
There will be more that needs to be done after that, but we'll start with that.

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